Ross Coulthart: “I’m being told this [the UFO phenomenon] is future humans.”

Ross Coulthart is an investigative journalist who has written about various subjects such as Irish rebels and big pharmaceutical companies. He has received numerous awards, including the Golden Walkley, for his work. In his latest book In Plain Sight: An investigation into UFOs and impossible science (Amazon link here), he talks about an unidentified aerial phenomenon.

In his book, In Plain Sight, Ross Coulthart provides a comprehensive analysis of the evidence supporting UAP. He also talks about the nature of state deception and the technological implications of this phenomenon. He claims that some ancient ruins on Earth are not related to humans. Ross Coulthart was given “wacky” information that some ancient ruins belong to previous Earth civilizations not related to us.

  • Listen to the full episode of In Plain Sight (feat. Ross Coulthart) here.
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