Underwater object traveling faster than speed of sound almost hit US nuclear submarine!

The disturbing encounter, which reportedly happened in the 1990s, was revealed after a scientist recorded a YouTube video talking about his experience.

According to Bob McGwier, a scientist aboard the USS Hampton, a nuclear submarine was almost hit by an unidentified object as it flew under water at speeds faster than the speed of sound. He said that during the 1990s, the object was sailing at an incredible speed as it passed the submarine.

According to McGwier, he was on the submarine when he heard the strange noises. He said that he couldn’t believe what was happening as the object flew by the submarine at an incredible speed. He described the object as moving so fast that it blew by the submarine.

He noted that a scientist who had knowledge of onboard systems claimed that the object was traveling at a speed faster than the speed of sound. The crew members did not want to report the incident, and they did not want to cause any problems.

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