Mysterious Lights Filmed Near Military Base: Are They UFOs or Something Else?

On a recent Reddit thread, a user by the name of hyperionkills posted a video of a UFO sighting near a military base in North Carolina. According to the user, the area in which the sighting occurred is a no-fly zone with nothing but woods in the surrounding vicinity. The user also claims that the object appears to be moving faster than planes, but others in the thread suggest that the illusion of speed may be due to the object being low to the ground.

Some have suggested that the objects may be Chinese sky lanterns, which are illegal in North Carolina due to the fire risk. However, the wind direction at the time of the sighting was blowing in the direction of the objects’ movement, which could support the theory that they are lanterns.

Others in the thread speculate that the objects could be government or military technology, or even extraterrestrial in origin. The user who recorded the video also mentions that they thought it could have been something related to SpaceX, but the company had launched a mission (CRS-26) that was in Florida at the time of the sighting.

The user also reported that there were Blackhawk helicopters from Fort Bragg in the air at the same time, but that the objects in the video did not look like helicopters.

In conclusion, the true nature of the objects in the video remains unknown, but theories range from Chinese sky lanterns, to military or government technology, to even extraterrestrial activity.

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