Operation Highjump | Mission: Find and Destroy the Secret Nazi UFO Base In Antarctica

In August 1946, a military operation known as Operation Highjump was carried out. It was led by Admiral Richard Byrd, who was a prominent naval officer in history. The primary goal of the expedition was to carry out military training and scientific research. Other objectives were also included in the operation.

One of the objectives of the operation was to extend the American’s sovereignty over Antarctica. It was also tasked with finding and destroying a Nazi base and capturing its new weapon, which was reportedly flying saucers.

The Nazis had already explored Antarctica before. In 1938, Hitler ordered the SS Schwabenland to carry out an expedition in an attempt to find ancient artifacts. The expedition, which started on December 17, was one of the many that Hitler had planned.

The SS Schwabenland, which was mainly composed of scientists and engineers, was also accompanied by members of a German occult group known as the Thule Society. The group believed that there is a race of humans called the Aryans living deep within the Earth. The group was tasked with finding and making contact with the members of the Aryans residing in the hollow Earth, as well as establishing a secret underground base.

After reaching the coast of Antarctica, the ship continued to map the continent for the next couple of weeks. During aerial reconnaissance, they were able to see what was referred to as an Arctic oasis, which was an area that was free of ice and contained plant life.

The area was ideal for a base since it had a geothermal vent, which kept the ocean relatively warm. This was where Base 211, which was an underground facility, would be established.

During World War II, the facility became a massive complex that was designed to be an offensive base. It was initially constructed to house U-boats and other missiles. However, as the Nazi forces’ fortunes changed, it was decided that Base 211 was the ideal location to escape from.

nazi ufo

During the war, a huge amount of supplies and equipment was transported to Antarctica. As the war ended, thousands of Nazi officers and soldiers were smuggled to South America. One of the most prominent German officers who was able to escape was Hans Kamler.

One of the planes that Kamler was able to use was a prototype supply plane that was made by his engineers. It was known as the Ju390, and it had a range of over 4,000 miles. Unfortunately, no sign of the plane or Kamler has been found.

In the months following the war, thousands of strange sightings were reported in South America. The US government was worried that Kamler, as well as his scientists, were hiding in Antarctica. However, these were just rumors, and the only way to find out what happened to them was to visit the continent.

The commander of the mission, Admiral Byrd, was not a pseudo-science fiction expert. He was a real-world military officer who was well-equipped for the mission. As the youngest admiral in the Navy at the time of his expedition, he was leading a massive task force that was sent to Antarctica.

Details about Admiral Byrd’s mission in Antarctica remain unclear. The official report from the US Navy stated that the operation, which was known as Operation Highjump, was a success. It was led by Admiral Byrd, who was one of the most prominent naval officers in the world at that time.

The primary goal of the mission was to conduct military training and scientific research. However, it also had other objectives. One of these was to gain American sovereignty over the continent, which was denied several times by the government. Another objective was to find and destroy a Nazi base.

The Nazis had already explored Antarctica before. In December 1938, Hitler ordered an expedition to the continent that was known as the SS Schwabenland, which was one of the vessels that was sent to participate in the operation. During this time, Hitler was focused on finding ancient artifacts that could have incredible power.

Some of the scientists and engineers on board the SS Schwabenland were also members of a German occultist group known as the Thule Society. They believed that there’s an advanced race of humans called the Aryans living in the South Pole. The SS Schwabenland was tasked with finding a secret underground facility that could be used to make contact with the Aryans.

After reaching the coast of Antarctica, the ship continued to map the entire continent for three weeks. During aerial reconnaissance, they were able to spot what was referred to as an Arctic oasis, which was an area that was free of ice and filled with warm water.

The area was ideal for a base since it had a geothermal vent, which kept the water warm. The Nazis would then build their infamous base known as Base 211, which was located in this region.

During the Second World War, Base 211 became an incredibly large complex. Initially, the facility was designed to be an offensive hub where the Germans could deploy U-boats and other missiles. As the war progressed, it was clear that Base 211 was an ideal location to escape.

During the war, the Nazis were able to transport huge amounts of equipment and supplies to Antarctica. As the war ended, thousands of German officers were able to escape and were hiding in South America. One of the most prominent individuals who was able to escape was Hans Kamler, who headed the Nazis’ secret weapons program.

One of the planes Kamler was able to use was a prototype supply plane that was made by his engineers. It was known as the Ju390, and it had a range of over 4,000 miles. Unfortunately, no sign of the plane or Kamler has been found.

In the months following the war, thousands of reports of UFO sightings were made in South America. The US government believed that Kamler and his team were in Antarctica, and they were operating a secret military base. However, these were just rumors.

The commander of the mission, Admiral David Byrd, was not a pseudo-science conspiracy expert. At the age of 41, he was the youngest admiral in the history of the Navy. During his time in Antarctica, he was part of an expedition that was the biggest naval task force sent to the continent. Unfortunately, the details of what Admiral Byrd and his team were able to find in Antarctica remain unclear.

Some accounts claim that Admiral Byrd’s radio started to work after it had been missing for an hour. Even though its signal had been distorted, a voice started talking in German and informed Admiral Byrd that his plane would land in seven minutes. He was then met by a group of tall blonde men.

Admiral Byrd is then joined by a group of people who are levitating. They rush toward the city at a high speed. He then gets into an elevator, which takes him to an underground chamber. He is then supposed to meet with the “master.”

Admiral Byrd is then led into a room. The “master” is sitting at a table with an older man who claims that he and his group of aliens are known as the Ariani. He says that the race that Admiral Byrd is part of is too immature for the use of atomic energy.

The “master” then claims that their ships have been attacked and chased by fighter planes whenever they try to make contact. He and his group decided to use Admiral Byrd to carry out this message as he was a well-respected individual.

After the meeting, Admiral Byrd is escorted back to the plane. There, a voice on the radio informs the admiral that his aircraft is now under his control. The voice then says that it is Aryans and asks if there is any way that he could disconnect it.

In March 1947, Admiral Byrd was debriefed at the Pentagon after he arrived. He was then ordered to keep quiet about the mission. He never talked about the mission again, and the last entry in his diary dates back several years.

In his diary, Admiral Byrd talks about the long night that he experienced in the Arctic. He feels that he has seen the land beyond the pole, and those who are in darkness will be brought to light.

Three months later, Admiral Byrd died. His diary was found and released as a tribute to his memory. In the following year, the Antarctic Treaty was established, which banned unauthorized individuals from going to the region. Antarctica is bigger in size than Australia and Europe, and it’s off-limits to everyone. Only a few small areas are allowed to be visited in the region.

In 1947, the sailors talked about the strange things that they saw in the area, such as the Nazis’ secret base and the possibility that a civilization is living underground. Since they were prohibited from going to their world, the aliens might have been trying to warn Admiral Byrd before they attack. This could affect the world’s future.

The details of Operation Highjump remain a mystery even though various theories and accounts about the mission have been debunked. It’s uncertain if the admiral actually had an encounter with aliens or if the diary was a fabrication. The existence of extraterrestrial beings and the Nazis’ alleged secret base in Antarctica continue to fuel conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theorists have presented various theories about the Nazis’ alleged base in Antarctica, such as the idea of a hollow Earth or an advanced race of aliens. Although there has been little concrete evidence presented regarding the location of the base, the possibility of it being operated by the Nazis is still a popular one. During World War II, the Nazis were known for developing advanced technology. It’s possible that the Nazis were working on a secret program in the area.

The strange incidents that happened in the area following Operation Highjump also added to the intrigue. Although some of the sightings were attributed to natural phenomena, the others remain unidentified. The strange behavior of the objects that the sailors saw in 1947 has led to speculations that they might have been extraterrestrials.

The alleged diary of Admiral Byrd, which was released as a tribute to the admiral, and Operation Highjump continue to provide various sources of speculation and mystery. Although some of the theories have been proven, the nature of the mission, the alleged Nazi base in Antarctica, and the presence of aliens in the area remain unexplained.

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  1. I am absolutely amazed by the research and information presented in this article about Operation Highjump. The idea of a secret Nazi base in Antarctica and the potential existence of UFOs in the area is absolutely fascinating and the way the author has presented the evidence is truly intriguing. I couldn’t put it down and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in conspiracy theories and military history.

    • Not really. Read through these 5 Ufology Explained articles below if you have the free time for so you can get a better picture and understanding.

      Ufology Explained – Part 1 – The German Breakaway Group – Psyops, Disinfo and Truths – Antarctica, WW2, UFOs, Technology

      Ufology Explained, Part 2: Abductions, Secret Space Program, Starseeds, Underground Bases, Psyops & Truths

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      ‘Meteors’ / Fireballs – Saved by UFOs. What is happening in our skies? A secret battle in our atmosphere? – Ufology Explained, Part 5

      This is also the main reason NASA lies constantly, which creates so much suspicion and confusion for some is that the Germans are settled on The Moon and other celestial bodies in our solar system and there could be some other groups out there as well. It is that simple. Jewry and The Banking Cartels (and freemasons) are running things and are looking to create this New World Order. Who is it they wanted to wipe off this planet? Who was their nemesis that nearly stopped them during WW2? It was the National Socialist Germans. A group that they have lied about incessantly, and that they have told everyone they have defeated but, of course, they have not. They want to hide this from the masses.

      This information is going to be the missing piece of information for some people. A big missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. It will explain a lot of NASA’s weird behaviour, lies, obfuscating, subversion and misdirection. It also helps to explain many of the unusual expeditions, projects, military events and geopolitical developments on Earth shown in the 5 articles above.

      Life on Mars: Lakes, Forests, Rivers, Animals and Civilizations

      The Rise of the “Invisible Reich”

      There’s a strange trend of German or Germanic descendant scientists, physicists and similar experts quietly “disappearing” all the same way, specifically after deciding to hike in extremely remote regions, arctic wilderness like the Canadian Arctic and specifically surrounding mountainous areas named after Norse Gods. A coincidence? Or is something much more shadowy going on?

      The following video above will look at these strange cases, as well as how it ties back to the Third Reich origins of the UFO issue, what has this Breakaway Reich been doing in the decades since Operation Highjump, and how it seems that some German or Germanic descendant scientists and similar experts are specifically being “recruited” to join this “Invisible Reich” that’s been growing in power behind the scenes.

      In August 8, 2015 a crop circle appeared in Ox Drove Nr. Bowerchalke Wiltshire, United Kingdom. The shape and design is of the classic Sonnenrad (Sun Wheel) symbol.

      Here’s a video overview of the Sonnenrad shaped crop circle.


      The Reichsdeutschen Part 8: “Aliens” and crop circles.

      As in many other sighting and contact cases, where the “aliens” are suspiciously often described by those affected as TALL, LIGHT-HAIRED and BLUE-EYED people, the same picture emerged in the ‘Schmidt case’.

      In UFO research, the often BLOND figures from space who apparently speak GERMAN are usually referred to as ‘Venusians’. The fact that many UFO experts still believe this nonsense, although the truth is already at their feet, says a lot about their alleged ‘expertise’

      Gilbert Sternhoff describes the crop circles as manifestations of the Third Power, which I believe is absolutely correct. The sometimes gigantic ‘grain images’, which have already triggered a worldwide press hype, bring their creators, i.e. the UFO pilots, a lot of sympathy and admiration everywhere. Some also see hidden messages in it.

      As a ‘PR gag’ by the Reichsdeutschen, the crop circles are definitely an excellent idea.

      Such images also appear suspiciously often in the area of Celtic places of worship, which suggests an affinity of the originators to the Germanic-Celtic history of Old Europe.

  2. Like I said, Fiction. The most evil and despicable regime in history was defeated by the allies in 1945, so why perpetuate the myth of their technogical survival and superiority in claptrap like this? It is an insult to the survivors of those monsters.

    • The guy just laid out so much evidence and you just say “Nope it’s fiction” with no reasoning or explanation. Why are you on this site if you are so close minded? Wake uppp

  3. For information to be of value in any analysis it must have a secure provenance and corroboration from other sources. Otherwise it may as well be fiction. This is not closed minded, it is just rational and necasary, as this subject is so overburdened with conspiracy nonsense and fabrications that it detracts from the rather more serious question of what UFO’s represent.

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