Ancient Aliens: Origins of Humanity

February 26, 2023 LUFOS 1

The possibility of ancient aliens is both tantalizing and terrifying. Evidence from history and sightings raises questions about the true nature of our existence

UFO in Antarctica

Antarctica’s Secret Alien Cover-Up

February 23, 2023 LUFOS 0

Rumors of alien activity have circulated for years, but what if they are true? Antarctica, a land of mystery, may hold an ancient extraterrestrial civilization.

The Day UFOs Stopped Play: Recalling the Fascinating Sighting at Stadio Artemi Franchi, Florence, Italy, with a Sketch of the Event by Silvio Neri

“The day UFOs stopped play”

February 22, 2023 LUFOS 1

Discover the truth behind the unforgettable 1954 UFO sighting at Stadio Artemi Franchi in Florence, Italy, and the mysterious “angel hair”