Passenger on Allegiant Flight 1127 Captures Video of Pulsating UFO Lights – over West Virginia/Pennsylvania Border

Flashing UFOs filmed from a plane over West Virginia - Pennsylvania border
Flashing UFOs filmed from a plane over West Virginia – Pennsylvania border

On February 20, 2023, a peculiar incident occurred in the skies over the West Virginia/Pennsylvania border. A passenger aboard Allegiant Flight 1127, captured footage of a flashing unidentified flying objects while the plane was descending into Pittsburgh. The witness took a picture of the sunset and later noticed an unusual object in the frame. Curiosity led the individual to switch to video mode and capture footage of the lights emanating from the unidentified object.

The footage captured by the witness shows a small, circular object with a glowing aura, slowly moving across the sky. The lights emanating from the object are bright and pulsating, with different colors appearing at different times. The video lasts for approximately 2 minutes and provides a clear view of the object from different angles.

Upon closer inspection of the footage, it appears that the object is following the same flight path as the commercial airplane. The witness reported that the object was visible for a significant amount of time and that other passengers on the flight were also able to witness the strange phenomenon.

The witness has not provided any further information about the incident, and there has been no official statement from Allegiant Air or any relevant authorities. The incident has garnered attention from UFO enthusiasts and researchers, with many speculating about the nature of the object and its purpose.

The West Virginia/Pennsylvania region has been a hotspot for UFO sightings in the past, with numerous reports of strange objects and lights in the sky. While many sightings can be easily explained as natural phenomena or man-made objects, some incidents remain unexplained and shrouded in mystery.

The sighting on February 20, 2023, adds to the list of unexplained phenomena in the region, and the footage captured by the witness has sparked interest and curiosity among those interested in the UFO phenomenon. While the incident remains a mystery, it is a reminder that there is still much to be explored and discovered about the world around us.

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