Stunning Triangle UFO Spotted in Salt Lake City

Triangle UFO over Salt Lake City
Triangle UFO over Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City resident just recently reported on MUFON website this strange, large black triangle UFO hovering in the sky on September 16, 2022. This latest UFO sighting, caught on camera by a local witness, is stirring up excitement and intrigue among UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

According to the witness report, the object was first seen floating stationary in the sky above downtown Salt Lake City in Utah but soon began to move North. The witness was able to capture a total of 4 videos of the strange object, which appeared to be approximately 60-75 feet in length (about 20 meters).

Despite some speculation that the object might be a USAF TR3B or triangle craft, experts believe it is highly unlikely that the military would fly such a craft in the open during the day. Additionally, the object’s slow and wavy movement, as well as its semi-transparent reflective hump on the lower center, are not characteristic of any known military aircraft.

The TR-3B is a rumored military aircraft with a triangular shape, said to use advanced technology such as antigravity and electromagnetic propulsion systems. However, its existence has not been officially confirmed by the military.

This latest UFO sighting in Salt Lake City is being considered one of the most credible and convincing triangle UFO sightings in recent history. The fact that the object was seen in the daylight and captured on video is adding to its authenticity.

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