Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell: I know, for certain, and it has been proved to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt we have full intact craft & machines, not from Earth, built by non-human intelligence

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell is a dedicated investigator of extraterrestrial phenomena, convinced that we possess advanced technology not of this Earth. He claims to have indisputable evidence that the US government and military have access to fully functional alien crafts and machines, built by non-human intelligence.

Corbell delves into the enigmatic world of government secrecy and the alleged sightings of the Mosul orb, a mysterious object the Pentagon is determined to keep hidden from the public eye. He ponders the contents of the secret hangars where these unknown crafts may be stored and questions the extent of contact between humans and the beings who built these remarkable machines.

When former US President Ronald Reagan mentioned at the screening of Close Encounters that only a few people in the room knew the reality of extraterrestrial encounters, Corbell wonders just how deep this connection goes. Could these contacts be influencing events on Earth, or is it purely a quest for knowledge?

VIDEO: Watch an interview with Jeremy Corbell by Russell Brand

As a filmmaker, Corbell feels he does not have the luxury of disbelief, as his work requires him to engage with individuals from various levels of government, military, and aviation. His determination to uncover the truth led him to confirm the existence of intact alien technology that has been the subject of reverse engineering efforts.

Corbell is aware that communication with these non-human builders or occupants of the crafts has been limited, but the authenticity of the information exchanged remains uncertain. He emphasizes his role in bringing forth witnesses, both publicly and privately, who have worked on these alien technologies as part of reverse engineering special access programs.

With a steadfast commitment to exposing the reality of extraterrestrial technology, Corbell promises to continue unveiling more verified individuals with firsthand knowledge of these advanced machines, shedding light on one of humanity’s greatest enigmas.

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