Unveiling the Enigma: Cylindrical UFO Mothership and its Progeny

A remarkable photograph, recently unearthed from the depths of the once-secret Project Blue Book files, has ignited a resurgence of interest in UFO phenomena. The image, captured on March 20, 1950, depicts a cylindrical UFO hovering over New York City, accompanied by numerous smaller objects believed to be extraterrestrial probes.

For decades, the military attempted to conceal this captivating image, offering dubious explanations such as attributing the sighting to “the moon.” The clumsy cover-up continued with the erasure of the photographer’s name from the project’s files, along with the names of other individuals connected to the case.

As reported on March 10, 2023, the Pentagon has recently acknowledged the possibility of alien motherships dispatching probes to Earth. The 1950 photograph provides compelling evidence to support this claim, suggesting that the government has been aware of the existence of such “motherships” for many years.

The image of the cylindrical UFO and its accompanying probes raises the question: why has the Pentagon chosen to disclose information about these enigmatic ‘motherships’ and their small UFO progeny now? There must be a significant reason behind this decision to bring the subject into the public eye.

The recent revelations have sparked a wave of intrigue and speculation among UFO enthusiasts and the general public alike. As we continue to uncover more information from previously classified sources, the conversation surrounding the existence of alien life and its potential interactions with our planet grows ever more fascinating.

By confronting the mysteries of the past, we may gain valuable insights into the future and our place in the cosmos. The 1950 photograph serves as a reminder that there is still much to learn about the universe around us and the enigmatic visitors that may have graced our skies.

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  1. On an overnight hospital stay I saw three dots seeming to play. I told two others there and as they spotted them one popped into a disc with flame around the edges and the others did too. We watched them seem to play together and dive down to the water level of the bay and back up. Then suddenly they were dots again and flew upward. What were they?

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