MUST SEE! Massive UFOs Spotted in Montreal: Witness Captures Viral Video

Massive UFOs filmed over Montreal, QB, Canada
Massive UFOs filmed over Montreal, QB, Canada

Montreal has been a hub of UFO sightings for years, but the latest sighting on March 2nd, 2023, has left witnesses and experts baffled. The witness, whose video recording of the UFOs went viral, reported seeing not one but two massive objects hovering above the city, and a star-like object moving in the sky.

The witness was in their room when they felt a low vibration in their stomach and heard a deep humming and rumbling sound. When they looked outside, they were startled to see a massive boomerang-shaped object passing by their window. The witness quickly grabbed their phone and recorded the object as it continued to move in the same direction.

What is even more surprising is that within the next 12 minutes, the witness spotted another massive object, but this time it was a straight diagonal line going in the same direction as the first object. The witness reported that the second object also had the same vibrations and low humming sound as the first object.

UFO sighting over Montreal - Witness Report
UFO sighting over Montreal – Witness Report

The witness was understandably shaken and could not believe what they were seeing. They recorded the objects and even tried to zoom in on them to get a better view. The witness also noticed that there were airplanes in the sky, but the objects they saw were much larger than any airplane they had ever seen.

The witness’s account of feeling a low vibration in their stomach is also intriguing. Some experts speculate that this could be evidence of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the UFOs. Others suggest that the low vibration could be a physical reaction to the sudden appearance of the objects.

The location of the sighting is also worth noting. Montreal has a long history of UFO sightings, with many reports dating back to the 1960s. Some experts believe that there may be an extraterrestrial base or portal in the area that attracts UFOs.

While there is no conclusive evidence to prove the witness’s sighting as an extraterrestrial encounter, it is undoubtedly a unique and fascinating account that adds to the growing body of evidence of UFO sightings in Montreal. The witness’s video recording has sparked further investigation into the sighting, and we may one day discover the true nature of the objects seen in the sky above Montreal.

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    • It could be planes or helicopters flying in unison. The noise indicates motor propulsion of some sort.

      Why did you cut away? Where did the object go after allegedly passing behind the skyscraper?

    • These visitors seem to come & go as they like. So much for an early warning attack system in the US. I wonder why they always are lit up with lights. Its as if they want to be seen. Or you can see us but we don’t give a dam. We will come & go as we like. You inferior earthlings.

  1. Me too…! Last night while driving … I saw two huge bright objects high up in the sky… they seemed stationery… and then moving off… they were definitely huge and extremely bright…

  2. The triangle shape that she saw in the very beginning of her video. Was most likely the United States be to stealth bomber. It has that shape. It can be lit that way. And it can fly that low with permission from the authorities. That is the most likely explanation. The next set of lights was like five or six in a row. Most likely was just a few planes flying in formation. And a base does not have to be nearby. Military planes have a long range. They can be refueled in midair. When we can also fly out of airports.

  3. I saw plasma power ball 30 metres away and 10 metres off the ground big as a car and i did not look very exited so get a hold of yourself

  4. The foul-mouthed woman is typical of her generation: lewd, no class, sounds like an uneducated Trollop.
    Dreadful article. Whoever did the first video/ slide show, what a waste of time. Shit like that is what make ufology a joke.
    Somehow, we must grow up past this phase of intellectual void, with so many witless fools crowding an already stupid society, We’d better get smart, quick. Or the Cabal will have 2/3rds of us dead before you can watch another stupid ufo video.

    God have mercy on our souls.

  5. If you check frame by frame, there’s something weird about how it goes “behind” the building (especially in the second one). First one she pans away when she should have been filming so we can see it reappear, and the 2nd the object appear to go behind the building and as she moves the camera it “reappears” (retrogrades) after going behind the building, but still seems to move behind “something” again while still moving in the same direction and pace. Something ain’t right. Plus, thousands of people would have seen that in Montreal.

  6. Almost get abducted by alien near Laurier station i believe they is alot of alien abduction in Montreal they follow te Agenda saw golde cigar ufo near Rosemont station tis summer and that star like object is always there.

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