Really fast UFO filmed over Southern California – March 2023

Fast UFO sighting over Southern California
Fast UFO sighting over Southern California

A mysterious and fast-moving object was spotted in the skies above Southern California earlier this month. The footage of the sighting was shared in our Latest UFO Sightings Facebook group, leaving many people puzzled and intrigued. The witness who captured the footage expressed disbelief at the object’s speed and wondered if it could have been a drone. However, the distance it covered in just a few seconds seemed too great for drone technology. The incident adds to the growing number of unexplained aerial phenomena observed around the world, leaving many to wonder what secrets the skies hold.

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  1. Saw something similar when a teenager but in the middle of the afternoon – and two friends were with me and saw the same thing. Seemed the size of Venus but again, broad daylight, moving parallel to the street I lived on till it got overhead and stopped. Stayed there for about 7 – 10 seconds, then sped off making a right angle turn speeding off out of sight. I’m now 79 and will never forget it. Ever.

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