Newly Leaked Thermal Images Show Skinny Cylindrical UFO Flying Near Baghdad

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been a subject of interest for decades, and the topic has recently been receiving renewed attention. A recent report by the has revealed the existence of new thermal images of a UFO flying near Baghdad, taken by a United States Air Force Reaper drone in May 2022. The images show a skinny cylindrical-shaped object, moving from left to right, without any visible wings or fins. The object was flagged as an ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ by the Air Force, due to its unusual characteristics.

According to a source with knowledge of the incident, the object appeared to be under ‘intelligent control’ and had no visible propulsion system. The images were leaked by frustrated members of the USAF, who claim that numerous UFO incidents are being ‘buried’ by the Air Force.

Jeremy Corbell, a journalist and documentary filmmaker, obtained the leaked images and released them on his podcast, Weaponized. He highlighted the significance of the images, saying that they showed an anomalous object, which was designated as a UAP by the Air Force. Corbell emphasized that the object did not have any traditional reactionary propulsion, no flight control surfaces, and was cooler than its surrounding environment.

Watch BAGHDAD PHANTOM UAP – Weaponized show in the video bellow!

The leaked images appear to depict a trail or stream left in the object’s wake, although it is unclear whether this is an artifact from the video. The military coordinates on the bottom right of the images place the location of the Reaper Drone video as North Eastern Iraq, near Baghdad.

It looks that the UFO was not shot at by the USAF because it had no payload, and did not pose any immediate threat to ground troops. The object’s origin and purpose remain unknown, and it is still unclear whether it was innocuous, a foreign military’s craft, or something other-worldly.

I have created an animation gif from all five BAGHDAD PHANTOM UAP images

The existence of these images has raised concerns regarding the US Air Force’s failure to embrace the idea of reporting suspected alien objects. According to Christopher Mellon, a former official of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the service did not provide enough information when it presented a report to Congress in 2021.

Corbell expressed his concerns about the alleged failure to share information, saying that it is putting servicemen and women at risk. He argued that UAP imagery should be processed and shared in an effective and actionable way, to ensure the safety of Air Force personnel.

Jeremy Corbell

Following the release of a similar image, which was reportedly captured by a US spy plane in 2016, other images of alleged alien objects have been leaked. The Pentagon has not confirmed the authenticity of the image captured in Iraq’s Mosul (you can find out more about metallic-looking orb seen flying over Mosul, Iraq here).

The new thermal images of a UFO flying near Baghdad provide further evidence of the existence of UAPs. The images raise questions about the Air Force’s alleged failure to embrace reporting of strange objects, and the potential risks this poses to Air Force personnel. It remains to be seen whether the UAP was an innocuous object, a foreign military’s craft, or something other-worldly. However, the images are a reminder of the need for greater transparency and effective reporting of UAP incidents.

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