Tic Tac UFO Filmed from a Plane Over Central California – A Detailed Account

Tic Tac UFO over California
Tic Tac UFO over California

A Southwest Airlines passenger captures a Tic Tac UFO on video, traveling at a steady speed over the skies of California.

On the evening of March 11th, 2023, passengers aboard Southwest Airlines Flight 2463 from Sacramento Airport (SMF) to San Diego (SAN) witnessed an unusual sight. A white, cylinder-shaped object, later described as a Tic Tac UFO, was spotted soaring through the sky over central California, near Selma in Fresno County.

The witness, seated on the left side of the plane in the middle section just behind the left wing, recounted the experience in detail. At approximately 5:57 pm (GMT-08:00), halfway through the flight, the passenger noticed the unidentified flying object moving at a constant speed, traveling westward perpendicular to the plane’s southward trajectory.

The Tic Tac UFO was described as a smooth white cylinder, devoid of any discernible features such as wings, windows, or markings. It appeared to have no visible means of propulsion or exhaust plumes, further adding to the mystery surrounding the object.

Although the object didn’t display any extraordinary capabilities such as rapid acceleration or hovering, its appearance and steady movement were intriguing enough to capture the attention of the witness. They managed to record the UFO on their phone for 18 seconds before it disappeared into a cloud bank.

Witness report

The witness, determined to learn more about the sighting, consulted Flight Aware and converted the time of the recording to Sun March 12, 1:58 AM UTC. This placed the plane’s location just near Selma in Fresno County. Further investigation revealed that there were no other planes in the immediate vicinity, nor any aircraft matching the orientation and position of the Tic Tac UFO.

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