Decades of UFO sightings

The world has never been more fascinated with UFO sightings. Recent years have seen a surge in reported unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) with compelling evidence captured by military personnel, pilots, and skywatchers. This article dives into the captivating topic of UFO sightings, unraveling the mysteries, explanations, and why they continue to capture our collective imagination.

1. Recent High-Profile UFO Sightings

From mysterious objects darting across the skies at hypersonic speeds to unexplained lights captured near infamous locations like Area 51, UFO sightings are becoming increasingly common. Some instances have even stirred governmental interest, leading to formal inquiries and investigations.

A stunning sighting occurred in Henderson, Nevada, in November 2021, where a strange T-shaped formation of objects was captured near a jetliner. This particular event led to an array of speculations ranging from top-secret aircraft to the International Space Station, though no concrete identification was made.

2. Military Involvement in UFO Sightings

UFO sightings are not limited to civilian encounters; they have significant implications for military operations. In 2020, the Pentagon acknowledged over 400 reports of UAPs, with 11 instances being near-misses with aircraft. Their mysterious behavior, including anti-gravity lift and seamless movement from water to air, has sparked theories about foreign surveillance and alien technology exploration.

The U.S. government is taking these sightings seriously, establishing special task forces and even holding formal public hearings. The unexplained nature of these phenomena and their targeting of military aircraft make this a highly intriguing and crucial subject.

3. Are UFO Sightings Always Extraterrestrial?

UFO sightings do not necessarily mean alien encounters. Some sightings could be attributed to advanced drones, experimental aircraft, or even commonplace objects like balloons. For instance, Google’s Loon balloon program aimed at providing global internet coverage was once considered a possible explanation.

However, some characteristics of the sightings, such as missing wings, lack of exhaust, or strange motion patterns, rule out most earthly explanations. Thus, the notion that these might be otherworldly remains a tantalizing possibility.

4. The UFO Community and Public Interest

UFO sightings have led to an active community clamoring for disclosure and further investigation. The release of government reports and videos has fueled public curiosity and debate. The unknown nature of these phenomena fuels speculation, leading to documentaries, books, and online forums dedicated to exploring the subject.


UFO sightings continue to be an enduring mystery, challenging our understanding of physics and our place in the universe. While some sightings can be explained as earthly technology or natural phenomena, many remain unexplained, leaving the door open for further inquiry and imagination.

Whether it’s an alien spacecraft, a secret military experiment, or something else entirely, UFO sightings remain a captivating subject that promises to engage us for years to come.

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  1. You won’t understand UFOs unless you understand non-local physics in its wider applications. See
    “Beyond Einstein: non-local physics, 5 th ed”

  2. Nobody will really understand UFOs/UAPs unless they understand so-called “non-local physics”. See:

    “Beyond Einstein: non-local physics, 5 th ed”

    This paper is about physics, not UFOs per se, but there is a small section on UFOs.

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