Apollo 11 Astronaut Reveals Spooky Secret About Mission To Far Side Of The Moon!

NASA and Aliens

We’ve all heard about Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the legendary NASA astronauts who touched down on the moon. But what about Michael Collins, the man who orbited the moon alone, waiting for their return, and ensuring the success of the Apollo 11 mission? This is his story – one of tranquility, environmental awakening, and the profound realization of our place in the universe.

A Mission’s Backbone: The Taskmaster in the Shadows

Collins was tasked with one of the mission’s most vital roles. He piloted the Command Module, the only transportation back to Earth, ensuring that every system, including life support and propulsion, functioned optimally. But his duties went far beyond mechanical work.

He was the main source of communication between Armstrong, Aldrin, and Mission Control back on Earth. He coordinated photographs and lunar observations, returning valuable insights about the moon’s makeup. One critical maneuver, known as the trans-Earth injection (TEI), required Collins’s technical skills and precision. He was literally the backbone of Apollo 11, representing true sportsmanship and camaraderie.

The Loneliest Man in History

During his time on the Command Module, Collins spent 21 hours in lunar orbit, with each orbit cutting him off from any communication for 48 minutes. This silence left him isolated, disconnected, and seemingly the loneliest man in history. Yet, his description of these moments differs from what most would expect. Instead of loneliness, Collins experienced what he called “Serene Solitude.”

A Peculiar Tranquility: Collins’ View from the Far Side

Collins’s orbit took him to the moon’s Far Side, a mysterious place offering unique opportunities for exploration. The radio silence and utter quiet of the moon’s Far Side were not troubling for Collins; they provided moments of tranquility. Floating around in space, looking at Earth from a vantage point unknown to most humans, he found peace, awareness, and satisfaction.

VIDEO: Apollo 11 Astronaut Reveals Spooky Secret About Mission To Far Side Of The Moon!

His view of the Earth rising along the lunar horizon, appearing as a fragile blue ball against the endless cosmos, left an indelible mark. It led to a profound connection and understanding of Earth’s fragility. This perspective, often referred to as the “overview effect,” shifted Collins’s view of our planet and its place in the universe.

An Advocate for Earth

These realizations inspired Collins to become an ardent advocate for Earth conservation. He urged for better care of our planet and the cessation of actions upsetting the balance of nature. He dreamed that all political leaders could see the Earth from his point of view, hoping such a view would influence decisions to protect, not destroy, our world.

A Spiritual Journey: Collins’ Existential Exploration

The Apollo 11 mission also led Collins to grapple with existential questions, causing paradigm shifts in his beliefs. In his autobiography, “Carrying the Fire,” he reflected on the meaning of the universe and human beings’ role within it. This journey into space enhanced his spiritual outlook, emphasizing a cosmos of purpose and order.

A Badge of Honor: The Loneliest Man’s Legacy

Being the loneliest man alive for nearly a day was never a burden to Michael Collins. He wore this distinction like a badge of honor. His unique perspective allowed him to ponder life’s fundamental questions, questions that have challenged humanity for centuries.

His story isn’t just about a mission to the moon. It’s about the human condition, our responsibility to our planet, and the beauty of understanding our place in the universe. Michael Collins may have stayed behind while others walked on the moon, but his journey was no less extraordinary. It was a voyage of discovery, not only of space but of himself and humanity. His legacy continues to inspire, reminding us of the intricate connection between all life on Earth, and the infinite possibilities that lie beyond our blue planet.

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