Hunter Abducted in the Remote Yukon Wilderness: 1987 UFO Humanoid Close Encounter

In the remote wilderness of the Yukon, a hunter named Kevin experienced an extraordinary and unsettling event in 1987. This story, which blends elements of classic UFO encounters with unique personal details, offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of alien abductions and unexplained phenomena.

Setting the Scene

Kevin, whose full identity remains undisclosed for privacy reasons, lived in the small town of Ross River. On September 2, 1987, he embarked on a moose hunting trip near a place called McAss. Despite the rainy and unpleasant weather, Kevin set out on his motorbike, determined to reach his destination.

During his journey, Kevin stopped at an old trailer to spend the night. This trailer, typical of those found at oil lease sites, provided basic shelter in the bush. Early the next morning, he resumed his trip, eager to meet up with his friends.

The Initial Encounter

As Kevin rode along the North Canol Road, he took in the scenery, scanning the landscape for signs of moose. His journey took a bizarre turn when he noticed a strange craft in the sky. The object was flying low, approximately 30 to 40 yards above the ground, and was silent. Kevin described it as a cigar-shaped craft, the size of a DC-3 plane or a large school bus, lacking any typical aircraft features like wings or a tail fin.

Realizing the unusual nature of the craft, Kevin crouched in the grass to observe it more closely. The craft soon disappeared behind a hill, but his ordeal was far from over. He then heard a metallic clunking sound behind him, similar to a car door slamming shut. Curious and cautious, Kevin decided to investigate.

Alien Encounter

To his shock, Kevin encountered two beings that he described as insectoid, with heads resembling grasshoppers and large bug-like eyes. These beings wore blue jumpsuits and stood in the ditch by the road. One of them raised a device resembling a flashlight and directed it at Kevin. Instantly, he felt as though he was pulled out of reality, enveloped in an eerie silence.

Kevin’s next memory was regaining consciousness on the road, disoriented and terrified. His motorbike had been moved, and he found the keys in his hand. He quickly returned to the trailer, realizing that hours had passed, even though the encounter seemed brief.

The Abduction Experience

Back at the trailer, Kevin experienced a sense of vibration and heard a faint humming sound, suggesting the presence of the beings nearby. As he tried to relax, he began having flashbacks of his abduction. He recalled flying over the landscape and coming face-to-face with gray aliens, distinct from the insectoid beings he initially encountered.

These gray aliens communicated telepathically, assuring Kevin that they had already performed experiments on him. Despite his fear, he felt a strange sense of familiarity and comfort with the beings. They offered to show him his home planet, displaying a white star, which Kevin found peculiar as he expected Earth to appear blue and green.

The aliens then offered him a yellow liquid to drink, promising it would help him forget the experience. Although Kevin was reluctant, he sipped the liquid and soon found himself back on the ground, with only partial memories of the event.

Similarities to Other Encounters

Kevin’s story shares similarities with other UFO and alien abduction reports. The cigar-shaped craft and the presence of gray aliens are common elements in such narratives. Interestingly, the metallic clunking sound he heard parallels accounts from Ron Morehead, who recorded Bigfoot vocalizations in the Sierra Mountains. Morehead’s experiences also included strange lights and metallic sounds, suggesting a possible connection between these phenomena.

Reflections on the Encounter

Kevin’s encounter in the Yukon wilderness raises several intriguing questions. The nature of the beings—whether extraterrestrial, interdimensional, or part of a secretive government operation—remains unknown. The advanced technology displayed by the aliens, including their ability to induce amnesia and transport individuals instantaneously, challenges our understanding of reality.

Unlike many abduction accounts characterized by trauma and fear, Kevin’s experience evolved into a sense of calm and familiarity with the beings. This variation underscores the complexity of these encounters and suggests that the intentions and behaviors of the abducting entities might differ widely.


Kevin’s 1987 encounter in the Yukon wilderness adds a compelling chapter to the ongoing saga of UFO and alien abduction phenomena. His story, marked by vivid details and emotional nuances, provides valuable insights into the mysterious world of human-alien interactions. Whether these experiences are literal events or deeply psychological phenomena influenced by cultural narratives, they continue to intrigue and challenge our perceptions of the unknown.

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