Retired Colonel Karl Nell: Aliens Exist and Interact with Humans

In a recent and highly provocative declaration, Retired U.S. Army Colonel Karl Nell stated that not only do extraterrestrials exist, but they have also been interacting with humanity. Nell, who formerly directed the Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) task force, made these claims during a speech at the SALT conference in New York City on May 21st. His bold assertions have sparked significant interest and debate, particularly as they come from someone with his extensive military and intelligence background.

Extraordinary Claims from a High-Ranking Officer

Colonel Nell’s extensive career includes roles in the U.S. Army Space Command, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and Bell Labs, among others. His high-level security clearances and positions within the defense sector lend considerable weight to his statements. During his speech, Nell emphatically stated, “Non-human intelligence exists. Non-human intelligence has been interacting with humanity. This interaction is not new and it’s been ongoing.” He also asserted that there are unelected officials within the government who are aware of these interactions.

Acknowledging the Critics

Ross Coulthart, the host of the event, addressed the skepticism that often surrounds such claims. Critics frequently ask, “Where’s the evidence?” Coulthart acknowledged that while Nell’s statements might not introduce new information, the way he presented them—with clear resolve and preparedness—was compelling. Coulthart pointed out that Nell’s statements align with those made by other notable figures in the UAP community, including Lou Elizondo, David Grusch, and Chris Mellon.

The Challenge of Secrecy

A significant portion of the controversy stems from the classified nature of the information. Nell and others in similar positions are bound by national security oaths and top-secret clearances, limiting what they can publicly disclose. Coulthart emphasized that these individuals, whom he describes as patriots, are constrained by their commitments to national security, which complicates the public’s demand for evidence.

Historical Context and New Legislation

Nell’s involvement in significant intelligence operations, such as the Defense Intelligence Agency’s foreign material program, adds another layer of credibility to his claims. This program, which deals with the retrieval and analysis of foreign technology, is rumored to involve collaboration with international allies, further indicating the potential global implications of these interactions.

Moreover, the discussion touched on recent legislative efforts, such as the Schumer Amendment, aimed at increasing transparency around UAPs. Although the amendment faced setbacks, it underscores the ongoing efforts within Congress to address the issue. Senator Chuck Schumer and others have voiced their frustration over the government’s reluctance to share UAP information with the public and Congress, highlighting a bipartisan desire for greater transparency.

The Path Forward

Coulthart and Nell both stressed the importance of continued advocacy for disclosure. They believe that pressure from informed and engaged citizens can compel Congress to act. Nell outlined six potential reasons for the government’s reluctance to disclose information, including national security concerns, societal disruption, and the potential for technological and strategic advantages.

However, Nell also presented strong arguments for disclosure, emphasizing the moral right of the public to know the truth and the potential benefits of scientific collaboration. He suggested that a controlled, measured disclosure could help advance humanity’s understanding of advanced technologies while maintaining national security.

VIDEO: Senior US military officer: ‘Zero doubt’ of alien life on earth | Reality Check

Colonel Karl Nell’s statements at the SALT conference have reignited the debate on UAPs and the existence of extraterrestrial life. His authoritative voice, combined with his extensive experience in military and intelligence roles, adds significant weight to the conversation. While the challenge of secrecy remains a significant barrier, ongoing legislative efforts and public advocacy could pave the way for greater transparency and understanding of this profound issue.

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  1. Nice comment you set to public.
    A lot of reports over the decades do confirm all the reports and going deeper real incidents. Too cheap to write all that once again. People have grasped or not.
    However, YOU wrote (copy in):
    “Coulthart and Nell both stressed the importance of continued advocacy for disclosure. They believe that pressure from informed and engaged citizens can compel Congress to act.”

    Yeah, the lousy failure of governments to just tell truth. Until today, they are whether unable or unwilling to tell truth.
    I mean, what the hack are we talking about here????
    About the undeniable true records of NASA itself where an UFO was been watched in the space nearby Earth which was rapidly changed the course for avoiding a SHOT shoot from a special region of Erath to bring the UFO down?

    And now, today, there appear some funny ‘ghosts’ from nowhwere to just tell wild stories ? About WHAT?
    Nothing else than what is known so far.
    WHY this so over-blasted nonsense?
    Just for self-profiling = EGO ????

    Come on here with better and with REAL stories instead of boring us, you know?

  2. If this were true, the govt’s reluctance to disclose this information could be not to frighten the public, such as with disappearances. Remember the milk-carton kids of the 1970s? Remember articles about unexplained disappearances? Maybe, there’s evidence that these people were captured and subjected to horrible biological experiments, or they were taken to cross-breed a new species? Besides the phenomenon of social deterioration, these are items to consider that could frighten the gov’t into not wanting to tell us about it.

  3. From 1990 to 1993 I went to Pine Bush, New York and talked to many people who have had experiences seeing sightings, plus..
    So you might want to check it out as it’s on video and the person who most frequently narrates is on the videos and is named Linda Zimmerman. You might Want to check it out if you already haven’t.
    There are a lot of stories. God bless everyone and keep us safe in this world that’s becoming ever More Challenging and confusing to get through. Amen. 🙏🕊️👑🌹💞

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