Black triangle over West Yorkshire, UK

Latest UFO sighting – Triangle UFO sighting supposedly recorded in Leeds – West Yorkshire, UK this Sunday – 21st February 2010 at 2:30 pm. I think I saw the same video a few months ago, so… you decide if this footage is authentic.

GB, England UFO sightings. United Kingdoom, Great Britain. 2012 prediction.

“Definate Triangle UFO shape aircraft.
I came back from work and checked my camera i had set up recording an area of the sky in which i had seen an object a few days earlier. To my shock and total surprise, this is what i see.
I am currently recording areas of the sky with 2 cameras, hopefully i will capture more footage.”
Author (OneCrazySonOfABitch @ youtube)

Most recent UFO sightings report. black tr-3b footage new. ovni triangular.
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  1. HI I have seen something similar in the Eccleshill area of Bradford it is a small black Triangle aircraft with a rounded nose cone have seen it about six times it always seems to head in the same direction towards leeds, bradford airport no noise have seen it during the day time also night it has green & white lights when I have seen it at night, no noise can be heard have seen a picture

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