UFO video: Unknown lights hovering in the night sky over Oakland, California 1-Dec-2010

Latest UFO sightings – This video of unknown lights forming triangle formation were seen and recorded in Oakland, California on Wednesday, 1st December 2010 around 10 pm.
Witness report: December 1 2010, I was driving home in Oakland California around 10pm and noticed this very prominent UFO formation in the sky. I pulled off the freeway and drove up to the closest hill to get a better look. I had to cut the video down to fit it on Youtube but the original footage is over 15 minutes long. To me it seems like the light orb phenomena in a triangle formation with smaller orbs appearing around the main formation. The zoomed in shots of the orbs show them morphing in shape and materializing in and out. The formation lasted about 15 minutes then each one slowly faded out. It’s interesting to notice as they start to fade out an additional light next to the orb starts to blink as if they are mimicking aircraft in the sky.
Author (pjmenez @ youtube)

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  1. this is real i saw a very similar orb was so bright colors like i never seen before it was shooting up and down in the sky seemed like it was checking out the space station and took off way up high sometimes disappeared and reappeared at i.s.s.again out of nowhere then it came down so low the bottom half became like metallic solid surface the top was still very bright lights this could be because

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