UFO: Unknown bright object or Orb hovering over Nebraska, USA 4-Feb-2011

Latest UFO sightings 2011 – This UFO video of unknown object or orb flashing in the night sky over Nebraska in United States was recorded on Friday, 4th February 2011.
Witness report: So I have noticed that this object has been coming up in the eastern skies, right below the big dipper. It didn’t always do this. It seems to be in inner space, however. Others have been reporting seeing this same thing from all over the world, but no one knows what it is. It moves in the same direction of the earth’s rotation (as you can see from the videos), but it is far too fast to be a stationary object. This thing is moving of its own accord. It can jump all over the sky at will, and it appears to come closer to the other at treetop height at times. It blows my mind. It’s like a trick or something.

This is usually accompanied by 2 or 3 others that are similar to it, except not as bright. Perhaps those are stationed in outer space, but this object is not. It can change shapes at will. It usually appears to be an egg-shaped orb of multi-colored lights. But sometimes it appears to be a diamond/pyramid shape – like a spaceship. Other times it looks like one of those novelty plasma balls & has even emitted lightning from it.

More and more of these things have been popping up all over the sky. Similar but different to the orangish/red orbs/fireballs. However, this one is by far the brightest.
Author (joonipuur @ youtube)

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  1. Woohoo! Thanks for sharing my video with everyone – love this site! Someone posted a comment on my profile about it. I can&#39;t believe the amount of people who think this is fake. Denial is such a powerful thing. However, I do understand the need for a little skepticism &amp; caution. There are a lot of deceitful people out there.<br /><br />Google &#39;multi-colored star in eastern sky&#39; or

  2. I&#39;m glad to finally find a video of what i have been watching for the last 2 months.I first noticed these lights in late november looking west(270degree azimuth) from my backyard near monterey,ca. And again within the last few days in the same area of sky.I dont know much about astronomy,but have never noticed the sparkling? effect coming off this object,star,planet.Would love to have an

  3. Juniper… I do not think it is fake… I have had the same experiences here in Georgia with these lights which I call &quot;the blinkers&quot;. Ironically, they too are always below the Big Dipper. Great footage!

  4. I&#39;ve been videotaping similar objects in Pennsylvania, and have tons of stills and video. This is artificial lighting pulsating at a rapid rate while changing myriad colors not found on conventional aircraft. These objects hover and move slowly, but enough that I was able to capture it moving behind a large tree in the neighbor&#39;s yard. I don&#39;t buy these being stars, they&#39;re

  5. Hey Hey, Im in Tucson AZ, and I see something exactly like you are talking about, for me though it its down below the constellation Orion. Sometimes I take out binocs to look at it and just like you say. It def is not a star with how bright it is and how you can actually see the colors changing. I just wish I had a telescope powerful enough to look at it and see what it is. It is Definetly not

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