UFO over Boracay, Philippines 5-Jun-2011

UFO 2011 – This strange unknown object was recorded hovering above Boracay in Philippines on Sunday, 5th June 2011 around 9 pm.
Witness report: A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object, that is what I saw. My personal belief is that this is something extra-terrestrial. I appreciate your comments, positive or negative. If you have seen something similar then please link your video

Check out 2:07 onwards for the wierd green flash!

Please read this description for extra details;

I spotted this in the night sky over Boracay Island in the Phillipines at about 9 pm on June 5th 2011 (about 8 hours ahead of BST). I managed to catch it on my Casio Excilim GPS 14MP HD camera. I got about 25 hi res stills at 10X optical zoom, and a further 25 stills at a total of 27X (the additional 17X coming from digital zoom). I also took some HD footage at different zoom distances, this footage is at 27X. This video shows the last three minutes that the UFO was visable. It was visable for a total of about 25 minutes.

This video is taken from prone position on the beachfront facing South-South-West, with the camera positioned in the sand so that it didnt move. I made a couple of adjustments as the UFO went off screen, but you can see that it isnt totally stationary.

I also took some photos on long exposures (ISO 1200 +) which show multiple lights on the screen due to the exposure length. Colours were mainly blue, green and red individual dots, with a blue, more fuzzy centre. This video only really shows the red lights, with green lights shooting off at about 2:09. I will try to get the HD photo’s online shortly.

It was over the water (I reckon APPROX 2000 metres away based on comparitive photo’s I took of 30 ft yachts at similar distances). Lots of people on the busy beach saw it and couldnt explain what it was. Several people stopped to take photo’s.

One guy on the beach said he had seen something similar about 2 weeks ago. I was eating in a restaurant when I first saw it, and the local waitress that was in the restaurant said it had also appeared last night for half an hour, that time due South.

The lights flashed at different speeds, sometimes about 1 per second, other times much more rapid, at about 5 per second. In this video the UFO mostly stays in frame, but earlier when I was watching it then it also straffed straight to the left and straight to the right and then remained in those positions.

It flashed red, green and blue, and was bright enough to notice in the clear sky among the stars. it was clearly visable by eye. It was at the height of the lowest stars in the sky.

The flashes seem to pulse in all different patterns, out from the centre, towards the centre, from left to right, and in random colour configurations. Most of the time I noticed red flashes surrounding a blue centre, but the photo’s I took show a whole range of colours.

I will be on holiday in the Philippines for one more week, this time on a different island about 15KM to the north. Its a lot quiter, with less light polution, so I’m going to keep an eye out for the next few nights in case I can catch anything more.

Finally, you can hear me speaking to a Korean couple that were on the beach watching the UFO with me. They can be heard asking ‘What do you think this is?’ I say ‘I’m not sure, but I saw something similar about 10 years ago. I was looking up at the stars and I something come into view. It was a small white triangle about 1km up in the sky. I watched it for about one and a half minutes. It moved in straight lines, instantly accelerating and decelerating to incredible speeds, changing directions at 90 degree angles. Then it simply flew straight up into the sky and I could’nt see it any longer’. The Korean guy goes on to explain that he saw a similar light in the sky for a long time (half an hour?) a couple of weeks ago. We both go on to say ‘yeah, this is a UFO!’.
Tell me what you think!
Author (iateyormum @ youtube)

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  1. Most amazing UFO video footage I've ever seen. Hopefully the photographer took some names of witnesses and photos of the beach scene for reference.

  2. I agree. This is one of the best UFO footage I have ever seen in a very long time. I'd like to see some of the photos as well.

  3. This is a sunset parasail being towed by a boat just off the coast of White Beach. This is a tourist attraction, not a UFO.

  4. Beautiful and intersting. I get the feeling they are as curious of us as we are of them. I don&#39;t think they want any trouble here, but we should be very cautious! They need to declare themselves, and not just spy on our world. Maybe they are a little scared of us, since they&#39;re lil&#39; green men. <br />The things we could learn from eachother would be so exciting.


  6. Yes nothing to give perspective at all just a light in the dark somewhere.This means nothing and cries hoax.<br /> The powers that be love the hoaxer.

  7. Hi all,<br /><br />I took this footage on Boracay beach. I am now adding more videos on to youtube that help to give perspective through reference points.<br /><br />Firstly I would like to say thank you for the positive comments, to read people saying that this is the best footage they have seen for a long time makes me very proud indeed.<br /><br />Secondly, I&#39;d like to answer some of the

  8. iateyormum,<br /><br />I think you need to ask yourself, &quot;Why would an alien intelligence travel numerous light years just to put on a light show at a tourist beach in the Philippines?&quot; <br /><br />I believe in UFOs but this object is all show and no substance. It flashes like an amusement park ride but I doubt you could get an accurate approximation of it&#39;s mass or size. It also

  9. Rooster,<br /><br />&quot;Why would an alien intelligence travel numerous light years just to put on a light show at a tourist beach in the Philippines?&quot; <br /><br />The possibilities that I can come up with for the lights are;<br /><br />1) The light show is an artifact of the energy system that the craft uses. i.e. Waste.<br />2) The light show is an attempt to communicate using a

  10. there are a lot of reasons as to why it would show up on &#39;some beach in the philippines&#39;…. 1st of all it has to show up somewhere, why not there??<br />2nd- it may of entered the atmosphere close to there.<br />3rd- as it was 9pm, it may of been the first brightly lit and most populated area it came across.<br />And im sure, assuming it is a craft of interplanetery origin, it didnt

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