Mass UFO sighting over Carmichael, California 13-Aug-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – This footage of mass daytime sighting in the sky above Carmichael in California is one of the most watched UFO videos recently on Youtube. It was recorded on Saturday, 13th August 2011.

Witness report: Mass Sight over Carmichael CA near Sacramento CA. This took place over my home around 7pm.
I watched this for about 15 minutes. After the first 8 I couldn’t see them with my eyes only could get them on film.
I had to speed up the video for Youtube time frame of 10 Minutes.
Author (njorgensen1154 @ youtube)

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  1. Balloons. You can see strings. The air currents moved the and changed their directions. The 'formations' are random.

  2. Nice camera work, man. The groups of two and three look somewhat fishy that have tethers/lines running from them, but there is still a lot here to wonder at. Was the wind shifting back and forth that day? Thanks for sharing.

  3. you could say balloons, if that's the case what i would find odd is one moving south and one moving north ,next to each other, some stay stationary while one goes right by it. It looks also like other flotilla formations to me. I have seen something similar and there is really great videos of them on you tube.pretty awesome, i would have been so stoked!

  4. Fascinating! I usually scoff at the Balloon videos, but I don't think these are balloons due to the movement. I am wondering what was presented in the local media about this event? surely you weren't the only person to see and record this, were you?

  5. like a few hundred in the sky and then oh i lost them.oh wait theres 1?please i so think that theres so more advanced people than us but showing these idiot videos is doing us people who want to know the truth no good atall,gives the sceptics so much more amo,showing videos like this does us no good atall.

  6. Looks like those sea monkeys in a blue dish! JUST like it actually lol Plane looked like a bad insert and the video cam must have an amazing zoom on it to see the rooftops at the end but not a glimpse of this mass ufo sighting. Very clever!

  7. Well i saw string hanging from the bottoms of them too so seriously my dears there plain old balloons hahaha sorry to burst your bubbles..

  8. Simplest explanation: Ballons. Yes, strings are visible in the groupings. The upper air currents are turbulent, probably an updraft. This is why they don't move as a group. Cool video, but these are balloons. He also says they were 'white, orange and red in color'.

  9. these are so clearly balloons!!! this boy is a doosh. "eat your heart out"????….wot??? hahahahaaa lmao….. some are tied together and some are single. you can see the strings clearly on the ones tied together because the string is thicker as they are twisted. " i think the bigger ones are the co-ordinators" hahahahaaaa, OMG!! go buy 1000 balloons and get friends to help

  10. Guess we can call what was seen in Chongqing China recently a balloon also, a big balloon. One big enough to close the airport. It appears that those things were functioning under their own power.

  11. They are Vegalians, from the solar system of Vega in the constellation of Lyra.<br />They are observed in many countries since several months.<br />They appear as balls of white light, which are individual capsules of locomotion.<br />They emit white light of peace, which helps increase vibration of human consciousness.<br />They are able to intervene in this world, especially in the final moment

  12. These are not Balloons , take the video and process and then do placement grid on the objects and you can see how they are changing and moving . <br /> And if you can see strings then one needs to get there eyes checked. <br /> Now do I know what they are? No . But I know what the are not! <br /> I am going to find out the type and model of the camera that was in use so I can do more video

  13. Balloons do not form geometric patterns. Prevailing winds make all balloons move in a single direction, not multiple directions with that wind. Skeptics will always have their doubts regardless of evidence. (I would like to see an analysis by video professional to rule out any mischief). The truth is out there, besides Oboma&#39;s decision making is living proof there is life and trailer parks on

  14. You *can* see what appears to be strings in the groupings of 2 and 3…hazy white strands dangling down.<br /><br />I mean…it doesn&#39;t prove that they&#39;re just balloons…I want to believe that this is legitimate. But seriously. Put yourself in the other side&#39;s shoes. If we were going to go to another planet to observe something on ground level from the atmosphere, why in the hell

  15. Those are balloons. You can see the strings in the first 45 seconds of the video when he zooms in. Even the solos you can see the strings. They are balloons.<br /><br />Honestly, I would be a little scared to see an armada show up. That would make me feel like we are about to get into some real trouble.

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