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Your UFO reports:  14th August – 21st August 2011
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Troy, NY – August 20, 2011 3:03 am
I heard a loud noise outside my apartment window, and since there’s a bar 300ft away, I went out to check it out in case someone was having a drunken stumble. Seeing nothing wrong, I just sat out for a moment to enjoy the night air. Noticing how unusually clear the sky was, I began to stargaze a bit. Looking to the moon, I saw at roughly the 4-5 o’clock position from that point was a really bright star I hadn’t noticed before. Then the ‘star’ started moving. I sat watching to see if it was a plane heading to the airport, or maybe a satellite. Then I saw it move suddenly in a different direction. It zig-zagged for a while, and I went back inside to find my camera. When I zoomed in my camera died, with batteries I put in earlier in the day. (and I’ve tried several batteries, but ! as soon as I get outside it dies)
It is 3:35 now and I still see it in the sky, zipping about, but never moving very far before suddenly changing direction. I’m not positive, but I think I saw an after-image burn trail a few times when it changed heading to the North West. At one point (about 8 minutes into watching the light or whatever it is), it stopped entirely, at approximately the 6:10 position relative to the moon, and a short ray of light emanated from it, pointing East. This lasted about 4 seconds, then it was off, and the craft began its dance across the sky again.
Now at 3:42, while typing this out I see a far dimmer light where I last saw it from outside the apartment. It doesn’t appear to be moving anymore.
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Lincoln, Nebraska – 8/18/2011
It was late at night and I was out for a walk and it fly right over my road which is well rd. It was quite and it had a lote of yellow light flashing. I now they are only in moves and story book I have never see one around in our skyes. I did call the my police departmen. They told me IF I see it agan to call them. We do have a Hanscom air force base which they have air plane fight plane that come in or skey some time ane do munovers but they make a hole buch of noice sow I called my friends down at the Lincoln Police station to see if they had any air planes like that and they did not now. SOOY I DID NOT HAVE MY CARME PLACE IT WAS AT NIGHT AND MY CARME DOES NOT TAKE GOOD NIGHT PICTICE AT ALL.
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10 km away from the m0 and m3 highway crossing direction Miskolc, Hungary – 18.8.2011 around 3 pm
I was driving at the top speed limit and accidentaly something apeared in front of my car. Looked like a black missile, missile shape. It was so fast, I could not even react nor perform avoidance maneuver. Then just before front glass changed the direction like a bird. So I thought that it is just maybe very fast bird. But after that I heared a sound like a bang when you cross sound speed. I just cannot explain what it was. It was very very fast. I just even coud not remember any details. I have no evidence, no photos of course.
All other people in car were sleeping, behind me other drivers (2 other cars, one LKW) saw the same i am sure because they were blinking on each other for caution.
I was looking at the direction where it came from, but it was just a big crop field, no military or resident areas near by.
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Buena Park, Southern California – 08/18/11
A triangluar shape object came hoovering down from the sky,(approx. 2:00am) at first i thought it was the northern star because it was so bright, then it started getting closer and closer and i could actually see the detailing that it wasn’t a star or airplane. it came very close that i could see it was much larger than my backyard. It had 3 triangle lights in the middle, and 2 blue lights coming away from the middle lights. It looked pretty identical to the UFO in the movie independence day that crashed into the desert. I ran in the other room to get a second opinion from someone else, and by then the ship went back in the sky at a distant that was still visible, and a few moments later a helicopter patroled by the neighborhood, and point directly to the aircraft to scare it away. The ! aircraft didn’t departurate until about 4:00am, during that time it remained in the sky moving back and forth ,north an south.
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It was 10pm i was out side smoking a cig then big flash of light may about 6 too 10 times then these three big round light shaped like a triangle apaired and 4 small ones be hid every time flash came thew small ones came the big lights was like my big flash light that is like 10,000 candle power strong the floated with no noise coming from it for 10-15 min then the flash of light came soft the 4 small one went strait up then 3 big flash the big one went up till they looked small and big flash then they where gone i called worcster mass air port they laft at me and hung up i work for the town of charlton mass hazaerd waste so my word is my man hood if you have any qustions call me or email me look up my number under ed gauthier charlton mass i would love to talk about what i have seen in! the past 2-3 months
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Cirò Marina Crotone, Italy – 18.08.2011
[direct translate from Italian language] August 16, 2011 I have seen with my girl to an intense activity ‘UFOs near Ciro’ Marina (KR). 3 Objects unidentified orange light emanating performed well defined trajectories and then disappear at very high speeds’ up. On August 17, 2011 at the same time (about 23:00) with my family we have seen other 7 / 8 unidentified objects, but obvious extratterrestre membership, up from the sea carrying disjoint paths. These veivoli then formed triangles that lasted about 10 seconds. At the end of the trajectory to the moon was always (very visible because of sky free of clouds). I did a very thorough search on the internet and I realized that these days there are intense active! ta ‘Extraterrestrial skies throughout Italy. In Ireland and England, the characteristics of the sightings of these days, are always identical. I think denunciero ‘military aeronautics at the event by tonight.
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Pic Mobert, Ontario Canada – August 17 & 18 th 2011
These two given Dates which have been the last two nights I have seen the most activity. I live in a very small reserve,we have street lights but glare is not really a problem. We are able to sky gaze in full darkness. I have not seen so much sightings, I have been watching for the last two months. I’m fully able to distinguish planes and Satellites because of their flight patterns. These lights Stop, they seem to pop back a forth, instantly change directions. Lights of white, Red, Green and Blue. I do believe also orange too but it could be red glare. The weirdest part is they pop out of any where. On aug 17th, one believed ship, appeared far away from the big dipper, then when flying over a star from the dipper, It became brighter then stayed right over the star. Like it used the sta! r as a hiding spot or something!! People all over the area are seeing strange lights in the sky. People who i once tried to have UFO conversations with and they blew me off are now coming to me for advice and basically assurance that they are how to say this… safe?? People are getting Scared, Basically. I tell them If they were gonna hurt us, they could have easily done it already. We are getting more more believers as each night passes.
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Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, England – 17th August 2011
Tuesday night I looked out of my window around 10pm and saw a bright light moving across the sky. It was too bright and too slow to be a plane and there was no noise. I didn’t manage to get any video of it but then Wednesday night I saw another one out of my window, again around 10pm. I missed this one on video too but then about 10 minutes later another came past which I got. My phone only records 39 seconds at a time but I got 2 videos. The camera isn’t great and so the quality could be better but you can see that it certainly isn’t a plane. On the 2nd video it is moving away from me. I then saw another one 5 minutes later and another at around midnight although this time it was glowing red instead of white. As they all got further into the distance you could see that it was 2 lights,! one above the other. They were all very low and made no noise at all. I also saw a couple flying across the sky at very high altitude but I have seen these often on clear nights.
Video link #1:
Video link #2:
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Baker Bay, Dorena Lake, outside Eugene, OR – Aug 16, 2011 Between 9 and 10pm
Sitting with 2 others along lake catching the last of the meteor shower. An ENORMOUS bright white light traveling at an unbelievably fast rate from south to north passed just to the west of us. I estimate it to have been about 40-50,000ft altitude, at LEAST 4x speed of commercial airliner. Size was a bit smaller than my pinky fingernail held at arms length. No sound. Eugene airport is nnw of our location. This objects path was to the east of the airport. We could see 2 planes far away above the airport, the lights on them, very obviously planes. I searched the sky for anything else, saw what I believe to be 2 satellites, one traveling east to west and one southeast to northwest.
I excitedly told my family, and my son reminded me that he told me had seen the same thing 2 years ago while camping in same spot.
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Utrecht, the Netherlands – August 16, 23:15 local time
Dozens of (estimate of 30-50) star like lights moving southwest over the area. Some brighter than others. Partially cloudy, so no absolute clear view. But definitely some sort of “fleet” on the move.
Never seen anything like this!
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Lachute, Quebec, Canada – 16 august 2011
i was in my tent around 9:20 pm i always look up at the stars i was there looking and all at once i see this one star move but it was not a falling star cause it was moving too slow and like when it saw i noticed it started going away i am sure it was a ufo it scared me and i come in my house MY HUBBY SAW IT TOO no flashing lights and no plane sound nothing
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Cape Town, South Africa – 16 August 2011
I was driving, as I looked ahead of me, hovering above the Durbanville area, I saw a silver oval shaped craft in the air, as I pulled over to get a better look, it was like it moved further away, effortless. As it did this, it was like it changed it’s position, as if it turned side ways, and it appeared to be in a flat form, like a little straight line, quite far away and difficult to spot. Then it came closer again, very quickly, and was oval again, hovered a bit, then further away again…. untill it disappeared in the distance. It was very clear, as it was a clear day, blue sky, so the silver reflection stood out. There is an airfield close by…. but it was deffinitely not a plane or helicopter, as I am quite a annalitical sceptic…. I know what I saw. Too bad my phone’s camera it ! not of good quality, would have loved to take a pic. I now understand why the pics are usually so blurry, as the reflection is very bright, it’s like looking at a mirror.
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Caracas, Venezuela – 16 de agosto del 2011
At approximately 2:30 last night, I looked out the window to see the moon and saw that there was a “star” very bright, but overly bright. I stare for a while and I began to notice that moved very slowly, then after a while, he stopped and lowered its brightness to be almost imperceptible, then began to shine again gradually as it moved in the opposite direction as did before. was so for a while, doing the same, then turned around and even could say that descended, and finally moved behind a cloud and was leaving to shine slowly, until it was not able to saw
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Brandon, Manitoba, Canada – August 16, 2011
About 10:15 pm saw a bright white light moving fast across the horizon towards the northeast. Looked like a plane, but there was no sound and the luminosity was constant. Probably flew at half the height of a commercial airliner. Took 2 minutes to cover a third of the visible sky. Much, much faster than a plane.Incidentally, a few minutes later saw a plane with flashing lights going east.
Was a memorable phenomenon! Of course, don’t know what it was, but it was very strange, that is why we call them UFOs.
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Oxford, UK – 15.8.11
i saw a close up rainbow coulerd dot in the sky i then saw two smaller rainbow coulerd dots then they disapeared
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Westminster, Colorado – 8/14/11
At 10;17 pm i was driving home from work on Sheridan between 72nd and 64th ave. I looked up at the sky and saw a three flashing lights. As i was getting closer i saw that this object was down really low and just sitting there by the tree line and as I drove under it i saw that it was a triangle shape craft and it did not make any noise at had 3 different light on it red white and blue all flashing at the same time
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hwy 290 and Dacoma in Houston – 08/14/11
We saw a dark, strange shape in the sky over the school stadium a few blocks away. A plane flew over at some point. This object was higher than the plane. It had a boxish, jagged appearance but become more rounded. The object remained the focus of our attention for sometime. We stopped looking at it for a few minutes and then it was just above where we were. It was VERY high, dark, and mostly round. It stayed in one place. I couldn’t get a clear picture or video with my phone.
– – – – – – – – – –
Livingston Texas.. in north direction – 8-14-11
Stepped outside at 10:20pm. looked north and seen a huge bright light coming fast toward the ground. Even tho it was coming fast, it almost seemed like a hovering flow. Fall was at an angle. Object was bigger than any meteor i have ever seen. Light was bright and clear. object size compared to just bigger than the view of the moon in full from here.
– – – – – – – – – –
Oslo, Norway – 14 august 2011
Well, for the first time ever, ive seen something unexplainable with my own eyes.
Here in Oslo, Norway i was on a cigarette break(little bit before 11pm) til i looked in the sky and some kind of light caught my attention.
I was like, wtf is that? It didnt seem to be a light coming from ground level (projectile or whatever), it was above the clouds and only flying above the cloud lines.
A few seconds later i saw another one, which seemed to follow a different kind of route.
The lights were getting stronger when flying through ”cloud holes”. and both of the lights were flying back and forth at amazing speed. And at some point i could quite clearly see the center of the light orb(referring to it as orb cos i rly dunno how else to call it in english). It was uber bright and it lit up the whole sky, when flying near the ”edge” of a cloud. Thats when i assured myself, that those things in the sky are above the clouds. There was also a plane flying almost exactly right to where the orbs were ( in fact still are, its 23:39 norw time).
I also filmed them with my phone, but absolutely nothing is recognizable. Only some streetlights on ground level but thats its, the sky is dark and cant see anything in the video.
If you’d like, i can email it. Perhaps u got something that cud extract anything from the video, but on my phone, its absolutely nothing to see.
Damn, and their still out there. Still flying around, but clouds are getting thicker now and its a bit harder to spot them now ( with camera ofc, with the naked eye i see everything clearly).
If u have some1 in oslo who can check it out for themselves, their above ”Ryen/Manglerud” parts of the city.
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Eastern sky of Santiago, Chile – 14/08/2011
I recently saw an orange object whith the shape of a downwards parenthesis. It appeared like a little liht and in a few seconds it became stronger and bigger. It moved a bit and slow, and in about 20 seconds it started to dissapear. After that, no sign of it. I couln’t tape it because it was too fast
Sorry for my spelling, i’m spanish speaker.
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New York, Brooklyn, Ave j and 15th – 14th August 2011
Took this photo….then a little later took a video too.
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Merlin Rd. Amador county Pioneer Cc. (California) – 8-13-2011
my wife robin and i were sitting next to our camp fire with a friend around 900 pm saterday night 8 13 11 .i always look for satilites in the sky ,we mew that thier were going tobe meetier showers this weekend ,but there was also a full moon.around 900pm a bright light came from the south east. it was not a low to bright made no noise. no flashing light like a commercial airline,just a bright light from all sides. i just keep saying that was not a plane.what the heck was that. anyway i was just wondering if any body else saw it
– – – – – – – – – –
Mt Hood, Oregon – 8-13-11
I was working for a shuttle service doing a wedding transport. While waiting at a closed country store I was messing around with my iphone trying to get an app to work when across the freeway, in the sky behind the town hall, (the lighted structure in the right of the photo I am attaching is the corner part of on this gazebo they had up from a wedding reception they had there earlier) anyway I seen this bright light out of the corner of my eye like it was blinking, then I looked up into the sjy and seen this very large and bright light that was like pulsating. I took a picture with my cell, which I had in my hand. This light got very bright for like 3-5 seconds then it just disappeared. I was scared, got in the shuttle bus and drove to where there were people around me! Wondering if any! one else witnessed this!
– – – – – – – – – –
Fallbrook, CA – Aug 13 2011
As we were driving back home, I looked up in the sky midday and I noticed a grey oval shaped object flying quite fast outwards. I didn’t know what I saw but I saw it. It seemed pretty big, it didn’t look like it was too far out in the sky. It flew away too fast for a good look.
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Østfold , Norway – aug 13, 2011
Slow moving colorful blinking orb passing at a low altitude around 11:40 pm
Youtube video link:
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Dauphin, PA – 8/13/2011
While taking my dogs out into my backyard, my husband looked up into the sky and said “what in the world is that” I looked up and saw something that I thought at first was a meteor. It was round in shape at first and was bright orange, almost looked as if it were on fire. After looking at it for app. 20 seconds it began to slow down and then stopped all together. Then to our surprise it began going in the opposite direction and then stopped again. It seemed to diminish at this point in color and size, and then it slowly descended straight down and then dissipated behind the tree line. At one point I could see some type of edge at the top of the thing, so I am sure it was not a round ball such as a meteor or anything along those lines. I have never seen anything of this ! type before and had to ask my husband numerous times if I had just imagined what I had seen. I have scoured the internet seeing if anyone else in the area had seen it. The weather was overcast and this incident happened at around 10:00 p.m. I do not have a picture or video for neither me or my husband had a camera or phone on us.
– – – – – – – – – –
Santarém, Portugal – aug. 13. 2011
Video of ufo filmed in portugal, santarem. 1 day ago. object is moving until it just disappears. i was just walking back to home from the city when i saw this orb moving slowly in the sky. so i took my camera and recorded it.
there has been aaaalot weird stuff going on in this city. i just moved here month ago and i have already seen alot things in the sky that i have no idea what they are.
Youtube video link:
– – – – – – – – – –
Embarrass, Mn. (Minnesota) – Aug 13,2011
Saw light coming from the south.Looked like a bright star.It looked like it stopped and then went east very fast.Not a plane.Time was 10:10 pm.Might have been test flight from Duluth…..boy they had to be high if it was.
– – – – – – – – – –
Arizona – August 13 2011
I just saw the comment that Emily from California left, and wanted to add that i believe I saw the same or if not similar object in the sky. I was driving through Tucson Arizona on august 3, 2011 around 10:30 pm and noticed that object with the same descriptions, close enough to be helicopter but clearly not anything I’ve ever seen before. No noise, moving slowly, a bright light. Me and my girlfriend looked at it for about a minute and coudnt figure out what it was. Wanted to turn around but coudnt.
– – – – – – – – – –
Phoenix, Arizona SR-51 south of Greenway – 8-13-11
Driving down the 51 southbound at about 9:30pm my friend and I both looked up at what we at first thought was a plane. Then we noticed the red and blue lights weren’t blinking like a normal plane, and that they were in a strip, not just a single light. Then this thing started turning and came to an angle where we could tell it was a disc with a dome in the middle. The disc itself was spinning but the lights remained stationary. I opened the sunroof and told my friend to keep an eye on it, we’re getting off the freeway. A few milliseconds after I said that it disappeared. It was definitely something, UFO??
– – – – – – – – – –
Bay Head, New Jersey – August 13, 2011
Around 1:20 in the morning I see a bright light that shows up in the sky. Almost a star . I am mesmerized . I stare. I try to focus, but can’t . I need my glasses but don’t have them. It’s too far off to matter… It’s almost the light of a passing plane. But it’s not flashing . It’s just growing brighter and brighter . I watch for what seems like 5 minutes. Trying to come up with some sort of explanation . This light over the bay that doesn’t move. This full moon that is lighting the sky. I stare, it doesn’t move. And then. All of a sudden, it dims just the slightest bit. And slowly moves off to the left, in an upward direction . And fading and fading it slowly disappears into the darkness.
– – – – – – – – – –
Malta – 13/8/11
Around 10pm. Were a group of 10 and saw a golden light flying from south east to the west of Malta. Using binoculars saw round object with round golden light all around.
Tried to take pics but could not see anything through digital camera. Strangely camera had totally flat batteries when tried to switch on again.
Again around 11.30pm saw stationary object with flickering light. East of Malta. Had coloured light. After about 20mins in same position it went further and further away until we could see no more.
Same 10 people saw this.
– – – – – – – – – –
South West Miami, Dade County, Florida… south almost west in the sky.. our location was 122AVE and 40TH street – 08/13/2011
my father was outside in the backyard at 1130pm (approx) and started yelling UFO UFO and when I ran outside, and sure enough 3 and then 5 orangish redish objects were gliding from one side to another. a perfect video representation is​=r1TxzCGqHcs
and i am freaking out!!!! then they just disappeared. just like the video!!!
– – – – – – – – – –
Chino Valley, Arizona (17 miles N of Prescott) – August 12, 201
On August 12, 2011 between 8:30 pm and 9 pm, while sitting on the deck looking at the almost full moon (west to southwest) my husband and I saw an object; a bright round light, non-blinking and no sound. I saw it as bright white light and my husband who is color blind saw bright red-orange light. It was not an airplane; we live North of Prescott airport and are exposed to various aircraft lights all the time. Looking up into the southwest sky, my husband saw it appear out of nowhere. It moved from south to northeast. My husband pointed it out to me. I was able to spot it immediately. It traveled low, hanging right below the clouds (it was a partly cloudy night). It had no sound. It moved kind of straight, wobbled a bit side to side as it moved forward (husband describes as zigz! agged, side to side, small movements). When moving forward, it would slow down, then speed up, then go to a steady speed, then repeat. Then we saw a plane approaching from the northwest, it stopped going straight and moved towards the left (northwest), speeding in order to approach the plane. It flew under the plane; after it passed the plane sped up, went into a small cloud and then disappeared. We continued to watch to see if it would come out of the small cloud and it never did. I did/do not want to report this, but am because the lady in Saugus, CA was brave enough to report what she saw the same night.
– – – – – – – – – –
Between Colombia ice field and jasper in BC – 11 august 2011
I saw 3 brighning light in a sky i just have time to take a picture. And it disapere
– – – – – – – – – –
West Warwick, RI, USA – August 11, 2011
Standing outside of the front door of the my house enjoying a smoke I was once again starring at the night sky. This time I wasn’t thinking of anything profound when I unexpectedly saw a ufo. It was between 1125pm-1135pm [EST] when I saw a bright light just illuminate out of nowhere in the middle of the sky and take off in a parabolic path to the left, it disappeared behind a tree within seconds. The light was about as big as the sun [obviously not as bright] and appeared white. It illuminated quickly and flew away at a very high speed. There were many airplanes in the sky and the stars were out at full force but I’m certain an airplane couldn’t produce this type of light no matter how close it is.
I was very confused for a minute as to what I had seen and I’m still unsure as to what it was.
Unexpected Viewer
– – – – – – – – – –

Italy – Rive Del Garda – 11 August 2011

Was on holiday in north italy and took a set of three pictures with the timer – these pictures all took less than a second to take but when reviewing them back at the apartment we noticed some unusual things about the pictures. If you want the hi def files don’t hesitate to ask.

– – – – – – – – – –
Lehigh Acres, Florida – 08/10/2011
Around August 6th….my wife and I started noticing “moving stars”. The fdirst time I saw one, I was in my driveway and I saw it float by high in the sky. I followed it and thought maybe it was a satellite. I was shocked however, when it made an abrupt decent and disappeared. I was quite shocked to see that and started scanning the sky. Not 10 minutes later another one came on the exact same path. I ran in the house and got my wife, she stood with me in the driveway and saw several more. Another one did a big drop out of the sky like the other one and we watched another one purposely fly up to and turn into an active thundercloud. Another one moved across the sky…stopped…and then took off at lightning speed leaving an orange streak behind it. The next morning, I went out e! arly again and saw more of these “moving stars”. Then, the morning of August 9th, I confirmed that what I was seeing was unexplainable. Let me tell you exactly what I saw. I was in the driveway behind my truck. I saw another one of these “moving stars” but it looked different than the others. It looked much lower in the sky than the others I saw. It flew directly over my backyard. I had a clear angle on it and I lifted my binoculars to see it….resting my elbows on the tailgate of the truck for stability. I saw a blue doughnut shaped thing that looked and moved like a jellyfish. It appeared to be a living creature. It wobbled slightly and was semi transparent. You could see into it, but not through it. It was glowing blue and had a bioluminescence appearance and a distinct black nucleus center …. throughout it’s body, it had white things that resembled mitochondria. I saw it clearly for at least 15 seconds. I ran in the house and I described it to my ! wife. I then went to my computer and searched for “blue o! val shap ed ufo” in google images. I was shocked when I saw it come up on the screen as soon as I clicked search. It was exactly what I saw down to every last detail. It turns out that 8 – 10 of them were photographed by a Microsoft space imaging program. I could not believe what had happened.
Next day, I’m out there again because I’m bursting with wonder and curiosity. Approximately 5:35 A.M. I’m sitting in my backyard with binoculars and a camera. I see a “moving star” moving up into the sky at the front of my house. It looked to be about 4 blocks away. I ran in the house and got my wife. We both went out to the front of the house and both observed a cloudy looking oval shaped “energy bubble”. Once again, you could see into it but could not see through it. It had the same texture as the one I saw the night before but looked completely different. It looked like a floating, cloudy, energy bubble and it had a red light flashing out the bottom. It started moving to the right and went behind my neighbors tree. I could still follow it though and ran around the side of the house with camera in hand. I got a picture of it while it was still in the bubble. It then came out of the bubble and I managed to get another picture of the disk hanging in the s! ky. It then started flashing red and green. I got another shot of that but it didnt turn out because I was shaking from adrenaline and didnt hold the camera still enough. I did however, get some pretty good shots. I still have the original shots I took on the flash card. Attaching shots of the blue doughnut looking thing and ufo. Oh …. one more thing…. when I first saw the blue doughnut on Aug 9th…. my first impression was that it was biological and it looked like a human blood cell. MUFON is investigating this case.

– – – – – – – – – –
Lanaudiere region / suburbs of Montreal – July 24, 2011
27-minute UFO sighting edited to 11! First, I thought it was some aircraft, but the changing lights display tells another story… The footage was shot with HD camcorder and is available to see on YouTube at:
Complete detailed report in the video.
– – – – – – – – – –
Wintersville drive in,OH screen 1 – July 2,2011
Im sorry I have no pic. I was watching a movie and all of a sudden an orange sphere type object popped out of the trees and was getting smaller and smaller then disappeared.
– – – – – – – – – –
Queensland, Australia – Thursday 05.06.11
My wife and I were travelling home to Tieri, Central QLD, after I had an operation at Ipswich Hospital on Thursday 5th June.This object passed in front of us from left to right.
It was about 500mtrs above the road and I guess about the same distance in front of us. It was moving about the same height and at the same speed as an airliner landing.It was also about the same size as an airliner. It was a beautiful shiny blue/ green colour, and had a small white vapor trail. There were no wings and unlike anything we have ever seen.It was not visible for long due to trees being on both sides of the road. Another motorist we spoke to also had seen the object. Was it a meteorite or space craft?It seemed to be too controlled to be a meteorite,but I don’t know anything about them.We would like to know what it was, anyone we have told don’t seem to believe us, so we have stopped telling anyone about the incident.
– – – – – – – – – –
Kings Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk United Kingdom – 18/04/2011
I took a photo of the sun and something peculiar appeared in the picture taken, it looks like it is behind the sun, the photo was taken using a new Nokia N8 12 mega pixel camera/mobile Phone,I have only just realized that I had the photo stored on my computer.
It was a nice day and it was around 15:00hrs when I took the photo,I have watched a few videos about Elenin/Nibiru etc lately and I honestly think that the strange image in the photo that I took resembles the description given in the videos.
The description of the appearance of the planet Nibiru is described as the red winged planet, could this be it, and can anyone enlighten me as to what it is?
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Worland, WY 2009 per google maps

I just found this on google maps. I put a generic date in here to be able to post this. The year is 2009 but I don’t know date photo was taken.
There is likely a good explanation, but I want some UFO experts to look at it.
Go to Worland, WY on google maps. Do a street view for McDonalds at 1700 Big Horn Ave. Drag little man to intersection of Big Horn and 17th Ave. Look up into the sky. You have to be right at that intersection because picture changes when you move a little.
You will see the sun with 2 large bands coming out of it(if you see four large bands, you are on wrong picture). Make sure you are right in the intersection to get correct view of sky. When you see sun with 2 large bands, move around it. There is a red object that looks just like a UFO with blue fire and the shape of heat thrust (for lack of better way to say it) coming out of bottom.
Someone please explain what this is if not a UFO!!
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north west of Synder, Oklahoma – mid 80s
i seen three bright lights hovering over the car i was setting in aprox.1am inbetween the town of synder and tipton ok.the car was not moving at the time i noticed a light glaring on the hood so then ilooked up and saw three bright lights just above the car there was no noise or dust kicking up no wind.the driver saw it he started the car and we took off scared….the lights seem to be attached to the car.we were driving at a high rate of speed stayed above the us aprox. one mile then took off like something i had nevre seen then made a 45 degree angle then disappeared in to the sky.we lost 3 or 4 houres of time???
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