The Association of Comet Elenin from Various Points of View

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the object Elenin. Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin discovered the comet in December 2010 and has been gaining particular interest because of theories that it could bring destruction to Earth.
Most orbits of planets are ellipses in which the elongated ends are called aphelions and perihelions. The aphelion is being in the position far away from the stationary object being orbited and the perihelion is the opposite. In the case of Elenin, its journey around the sun symbolizes the perihelion.
Now, you may found headlines provoking fear or terror about the Elenin. It is said that the object has already penetrated the solar system and on its way for a near possibility of horrifying encounter with Earth. It is reported that the object is on a collision course with Earth. Doomsday theorists and astrologers alike believe that the size of the object is comparable to the size of Jupiter or even a brown dwarf.
It is predicted that the closest approach to the sun by Elenin will be on September 10, 2011 at a distance of 0.48 AU. According to NASA scientists, this will not collide with Earth or even pass between the Earth and Moon. The closest it can get will be at around 34.9 million kilometers from Earth which will happen on October 16, 2011. In this case the collision of Elenin and Earth is not possible as the former closest distance from the latter will be more than 90 times further than the Moon from the Earth.
However, other doomsayers state that Elenin is coming in to the solar system and will do a hard turn around the sun just like a comet. Doomsayers say that it will cross and come in between Mercury and Venus and then will start its trip back out. They think that Elenin will pass very close to the Earth on its way out and the Earth will pass behind it, plowing into its tail. They consider a mathematical precision showing that every time Elenin comes into alignment with Earth and Sun, Earth will experience a big earthquake. They argue that if Elenin is just a normal comet, it would not have the mass to create a gravity pull that would certainly affect the Earth every time the Earth swings into alignment. They are referring to what had happened with the last three alignments which created the 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan, New Zealand, and in Chile.
Recently, there are reports from astronomers including its discoverer that Elenin has started breaking into parts. A coronal mass ejection (CME) coming from the sun said to hit directly to Elenin on August 19, 2011 which makes it started to lose its visibility.
However, reputable science author Richard C. Hoagland claims that during CME there was a tetrahedral energy shield being displayed by Elenin. Hoagland concludes that Elenin is an artificial structure; most likely a space ship and the reports that it was disintegrated are part of a disinformation effort to blind the public on the artificial nature of Elenin. There is an alleged satellite images from Sun Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation (SECCHI) displaying that Elenin has a triangular energy shield during CME.
Moreover, a strange RF signal was reportedly picked up from Elenin by radio telescopes in California. The signal was coming from the transit area of Elenin with amazing pulses which currently analyze by independent experts.
There is also a theory that Elenin will fulfill the 2012 Hopi prophecy. According to the prophecy, Blue Kachina will shake things up and will serve as a warning on the coming of a major disaster which will be symbolized by the Red Kachina. Now there was an image released indicating that Elenin is a blue object. (c) 2011

NASA added this video in their Buzzroom about comet Elenin simulation, but they removed it shortly after

Strange RF signal picked up by radio telescopes in California from Comet Elenin
For several days, has been analyzing radio signals picked up by the USC California Radio Telescope. The signal comes from the transit area of “Elenin” and coincides with the observation G pulse, which also are being analyzed by independent experts. The pulses are equally amazing. In various forums, experts are analyzing the signals…

Coast to Coast AM from 29th August 2011 – Richard C. Hoagland on Comet Elenin

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  1. Having heard the supposed Radio waves from Comet Elenin, I have no doubt that a well focused Radio Telescope can hear it. If Meteors can emit radio signals, then this beast sure will. I don't know if you can post a link here but if not, Google Electrophonic meteors and the first link will be "Listening to Leonids". It states that low,(a few kHz to maye 30 kHz) would travel as speed

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