UFO 2012: Unknown objects over Hermosa Beach, California 2-Jan-2012

UFO sightings 2012 – This formation of unidentified bright flying objects hoverin in the sky over Hermosa Beach in California was recorded on Monday, 2nd January 2012.

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  1. The characteristics of this anomaly would possibly fall into a category of a sequence of flares from typically a fighter plane especially as they are equal distance apart and distinguish in order.<br /><br />DTC

  2. What can these lights in transformation possibly be? I mean these are happening too often now. Surely someone of authority NASA or someone is seeing these lights too.<br />Someone really needs to look deeper into whats going on up there.

    • I live in Hermosa Beach. I run every morning between 2-3am. Here&#39;s what I observed March 26,2012 around 2:45am. The temp when I left my house was 48 degrees with intermittant rain. I was running on the strand and heading north, around 26th. street I noticed an orangish light that could have been a helicopter heading south right around the shoreline about 5-100 ft off the ground. It was south

  3. at :06 to :07sec of video something flies in from the upper right corner of screen and seems to be going away from the camera and toward, but at a lower altitude than the lights and banks back to the right of the screen and out of the camera shot at a very high rate of speed,right before start to disappear. Hard to judge its size, definitely not a bird. Very interesting, think it warrants further

  4. Could very well be a hoax. The composition seems way too staged. Furthermore it seems a little too convenient that the lights just goes out one after another, thereby reaching the end of the video. Hm. Maybe inspired by S. Spielberg&#39;s &quot;Close Encounters of the Third Kind&quot;.

  5. These look just like anti missile flairs . They do just what we see on the video ! I would say that the Navy was in combat practice over the Ocean and that is what we see .

  6. I actually live nearby in torrance and i saw something similar like this but later in the night while it was darker, similar formation except they were moving, after a while they disappeared to but in a different order

  7. My aunt and my uncle told ma just 2 hours ago that they saw 5 lights in the sky i don`t know if thats it. But this happened in East of Slovenia, SLO is in the South of Central Europe.

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