Triangle UFO formation over Netherlands 30-Dec-2011

UFO videos – This triangle formation of unknown lights was recorded in the night sky over Netherlands on Friday, 30th December 2011.
Witness report: I saw this 4 lights today. I’m pretty sure it was not a airplane whatsoever because we couldnt hear anything . I’ve been in a bunch of airplanes and I’ve never seen this. I’m sorry about my voice lol
Author (navarro1989 @ youtube)

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  1. I am extremely curious…if all these triangular UFO's are fakes, does everyone have the same technology and know how? Nearly everyone of the vids I have watched, and there are many, the same shape and movement is recorded.It does not matter where in the world they are posted in from,they are the same. In most shots, there is not only the triange shape, but at some short distance away, there

  2. tri formations r def a real phenomena,i realy didnt pay the topic much mind untill i witnessed it for myself now im a ufo junkie-(this is my new fav site btw)- i been researching and disecting vids since my sighting and relized ther is alot of tri formation vids alot of wich are sky lanterns from wat i can gather but ther are a select few that i def belive are "unexplainable"-im gona go

  3. the moon is there base, been watching us all the time ,we are their children arent we?make it known world wide and the wars upon each other might stop ,

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