Most remarkable UFO sightings in January 2012

Most remarkable UFO sightings in January 2012 by

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early January 2012; triangle formation – Southeast Michigan

January 2012; UFO lights – North Vernon, Indiana

January 2012; fastwalker – Sydney, Australia

1st January 2012; bright unknown object – Taipei, Taiwan

2nd January 2012; string of lights – Hermosa Beach, California

3rd January 2012; flying saucer – Wales, UK

7th January 2012; UFO formation – Mount Bisbino, Italy

7th January 2012; daytime UFO – Mount Hermon in Israel

10th January 2012; fast daytime UFO – Vienna, Austria

12th January 2012; mass UFO activity – Sävedalen in Sweden

12th January 2012; unknown lights – Harlem, New York

13th January 2012; 2 unknown lights – United Kingdom

16th January 2012; triangle UFO – Middleburg, Florida

20th January 2012; daytime UFO – Richmond, Virginia

22nd January 2012; daytime UFO – Peru

27th January 2012; UFO or orb – Tijuana, Mexico

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  1. Hello. I would rather not give my name.<br />12:00 AM thurday Feb.2nd<br />I reside about a mile from the beach, while having a cigarette at the back door i abserved what I 1st thought was a plane coming from overseas in the distance. I could clearly see a red becon flashing. I have watched many planes take this approach so i thought nothing of it at first. it soon became evident that the object

    • swamp gas refracts light , probably from a light house or other nearby source. You camera no doubt has a refractive lense that would pick this out easier than your eyes , so it attracted your cameras focus rather than yours.

    • I seen something very similar to the same. I live in sc and i seen this flashing red light. I seen it while smoking a cig on my front porch and i thought that it was a plane. I do not belive in ufos but what i had just seen made me. It was no plane nor a helicopter. And as i watched it it was almost like the light fell to the ground. It was off in the distance across town about as high as a

    • I saw the same thing tonight in South Africa about 3 minutes ago which is why i searched on the internet and found this site. I saw the same as you and thought nothing of it as planes do flash red at night. However, it shot across the whole skyline in a blink of an eye, i was in the Air Force years ago and i know nothing can fly that fast. I watched it for a few minutes, after shooting across the

    • I am a Filipina. I&#39;m just 13 years old. I was on our backyard when I saw flashing lights. I lived in an Air Base so these were quite normal to me. But these lights were somehow different from the aircrafts I normally see. The flying aircraft had three red lights that formed a triangular shape which made me wonder what it was.I have been very interested in UFO eversince I was 10. And I am very

  2. I live in Arkansas. I do not want to give my name either. But I have seen the red flashing lights also. There were 3 of them. Too close to be regular aircraft. A week prior to seeing the red flashing lights, I saw a single yellow light. At first I thought it was a falling star. Then it stopped, did a &quot;z&quot; motion and went back to still. After a min or so it took off very quickly. I just

  3. I was driving East on the 180 towards Sanger CA. To my left, planes would come in to land at Fresno Airport. So seeing lights in this area of the sky in normal to me. However as I was driving, a red blinking light was blinking kind of slower than an airplane. As I passed Leonard Ave the red light stopped. I figured that maybe I couldn’t see it due to trees. However as I was driving the same red

  4. I live in the Netherlands and I have never seen an UFO. I do have an open mind but isn&#39;t it madly suspicious that there are thousands of pictures and videos and even many more sightings and never ever once is there a definite beyond proof piece of evidence. It just doesn&#39;t make sense at all. If it does one thing, it&#39;s adding to the hypothesis that&#39;s it&#39;s all suggestion,

    • Its not easy to see one if you want to, a lot of people see ufos on accident, but if you are willing to watch the night sky, you will see something sooner or later. Maybe there is not as many ufos in netherlands than in united states.

    • I live in Australia and until Saturday morning I too was sceptical. What I saw was a star near the half moon. It was 9 am and unusual to see a star that late after sunrise. I thought it may be Venus so I went in and got my 1000mm Bino&#39;s to look expecting to see the usual half moon image of venus. However by time I returned the star had moved much closer to the moon. I looked at full focal and

  5. Drive by a stock yard and you will see animals by the thousands. Might be that all those UFO sightings are aliens checking out the live stock here on earth.<br />Might be the the UFO travelers return ever so often to round up and process the critters which they planted here oln the earth several thousand years ago.<br />Maybe the Mayans record the time of the return by that calendar.<br />Might

  6. To say that we are the only intelligent life in the universe is total arrogance. The sheer (unknown!) size of the universe, coupled with the fact that there are so many billions &amp; billions of stars out there that may have planets orbiting them (similar to ours) means that anything is possible!<br />Not only that, but the sheer number of ex military personnel &amp; airline pilots that have

  7. The first video early January is not a V craft because when it passes in front of other lights you can still see the lights plus the 3 lights pull out of formation somewhat. They are three separate lights.

    • I agree.I noticed too in the first vid. that it is three seperate objects.If it was a solid mass it would block out all the other light it passes over

    • Have you ever thought Gee, since UFO&#39;s seem to be superior to our aircrafts (I mean talk about traveling from other planets/ glaxies) maybe they&#39;ve engineered this hologram or whatever feature into their aircraft?

  8. It&#39;s obvious that the higher levels of government and more so military want to keep the truth from us as long as possible but with the creation of so many devices with cameras in them it&#39;s getting harder and harder to hide.But thanks to hoaxers and photo shop the government and military can rest because they will know that we will not know what is legitimate and what is not.The issue of

    • you are so right that you don&#39;t have a clue of what&#39;s going on. the&#39;re here all the time. do you like your Ipad? that&#39;s how they fly the ships. an e-clipboard. but how do you say hey world were not alone and we lied about it for years for your own good?

    • I think that the governments are scared to tell the public the truth because human technology is in infeior to alien tech.They can do what ever they want to us and we have no control to fight it.

  9. Its all about the money they won&#39;t tell us sh*t because if they did what would they do for work????? right………what else pays as good as a secret???

  10. i am a worker in hennan&#39;s name is luarenz. i know the truth<br />i know what you need,this all creatures are made by Dr:hennan.he was just in Iran before one month.then he go to<br />space.then i am escaped from the cage<br />he is not a human and also not a alien,i saw his body one time when he was is slightly green.and also his robots have another language to talk

  11. I just saw these same lights on the 24th of Feb it started as two lights and the one on the right started to move after like 5 minutes then what really got me was a third light out of no where appeared and thats when i got the camera it was crazyyyyy.

  12. went out for dinner on 21/02/2012 in yarm uk a light appeared in the sky first thought it to be a plane not too sure though as within 30sec it must of travelled at least 1000 miles

  13. My first attention to UFO&#39;s goes back to 1969 when a writer<br />with Project Blue Book gave a seminar in Illinois. Records<br />he had gathered led to his belief in &quot;unexplainables&quot;, he<br />admitted. What convinced him there should be serious concern<br />given to such sightings were his sources — all pilots. And<br />noone was hesitant to explain what they&#39;d seen. In 1972

    • i live in australia at the base of the blue mountains i did live at the top i found a lot of activity in this area my husband and i were in the bush oneday in the mountains we saw what looked like a plane but it had no definition only shape it flew into the mountain and disapeared now i live at the base ive seen many strange lights and objects lots following planes some of what ive seen i thought

  14. OK Look peeps. I lived on Catalina as a kid and was coming home one night when there was a sub-tender about 200yd. off shore. I stopped and wached for a while then drove down to the airport for the seaplanes. I parked and a craft came in on a true landing pattern right in front of me. Fifty yards out it made a 90* left turn and in to the water. The water lit up as it sank tords the ship. I

  15. mmmmm there really is denying that we are not alone. There are somethings that CAN be explained away but other sightings are of objects not man made. What will it take for everyone to admitt we are being visited. And is it just more ore are these visits on the rise. I am a new follower of blogs so perhaps its the norm…I dunno!

  16. Our planet has been visited for thousands, maybe millions of years. Text written in the Book of Enock, Adam &amp; Eve and evidence of a cover-up goes back to the Catholic Canons written in 326 AD. We are the product of Alien DNA Manipulation and these beings have been here since the beginning. Some are multi-dimentional with extremely high energy vibration that would simply put a human to sleep

  17. On the video of the triangular UFO, why do all the stars show through it as it goes in front of them? Just asking!!! Seriously people that is soooooooooooooo fake. Cloaking????? HaHA!!!! THe whole damn thing is cloaked, you can see right through it. This really is a sad site. THere is so much support for UFOs out there and you pick all the shit to post here. SAD!!!!

    • Actually,I have seen a very very lage &quot;V&quot; shape craft fly above my home in the Los Angeles area. It was at least 3000 feet up. It was so big and not so easy to see unless you were looking right up at the exact area (which I was). Anyway, this thing was semi transparent. I could see the stars right through it as it passed by. It was an awesome sight…One of many different crafts I&#39;

  18. You earthlings have no idea,yet all is there for you to open up your primative minds.We scan,visit and attempt to help your planet thus allowing your solar system to survive.yet the peoples of your earth decide to attack us,and their own homeworld for their own greed and know you are destroying your homeworld yet continue to do so.Rather than mass produce clean technologies available

  19. There is a book titled &quot;Nothing in this book is true, but it is exactly the way things are&quot; I cannot remember the author off hand and I apologize for that. I think you should read it because it fills in the missing gaps to make things &quot;make sense&quot;. It is not a Reigious book by any means but there is ALOT of reference to the Bible in it and to the creation of life on our

    • Your primative minds still have no idea.You take your ideas from scriptures written to create wealth for the individual,just as you pollute your atmosphere with the blood of your planet which is drilled for wealth to run your machines just as gold was mined to run your armies for power and domination over the weaker domains.we left a message two millenium ago yet you did not heed the message.we

    • Very interesting. Why the 4th? I think that if there is going to be a humanity earth shaking moment, it will be in DEC of this year. UFOs and Aliens? It sould not even be a question. Ive seen the UFOs and not just dots of light in the sky but hugh craft, a formation of 5 no more than feet above. Each one almost filled my canopy with a red glowing underbelly. What sence would it have been for

  20. i think iv&#39;e seen a ufo it was hovering over my neibourhood<br />and it was flashing red and green i looked in my telescope and i saw A round ovel object spinning around then it suddenly shot something of it i don&#39;T no what it was exsacly<br />but it was like a green and red slash across the sky!

  21. Has any 1 seen things like this in new zealand??? Why is NZ missing out on all the sightings it sucks it only happens over seas? Why Is that any 1 have a theroy to that???

  22. For all of you that sit tettering on the fence, are Aliens real? Grow up. They are as real as you. We have already been contacted. The gray which survived the Roswell craft gave us much information before he died in 54. It is the grays that are providing us with crop circles. A new commer has arrived on the scene that has been, as I have studied, at war with the Grays. The Grays have

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