Updates on Baltic Sea UFO

Divers with the help of data streaming are releasing information on the so-called Baltic Sea UFO. However, what kind of updates are being released?

Based on the interview by team leader Peter Lindberg, it seems that there are only few questions that have answers.

The team is using some 3D photographic equipment but according to Lindberg, they encountered some technical difficulties to collect high quality 3D images. But there is more than technical difficulties; all of Scandinavia is on vacation during the month of August.

So, even though that this activity is big around the globe, vacation time is much more important. However, it is expected. The sun does not always shine in that area of the earth.

No official announcement yet on the released date of the 3D images but they are expected to be released before the fall of 2012.

Also, it appears that the original depictions of the anomaly are gone. It seems that the object has two distinct sections. A rounded object lies above a base sitting on the sea floor.

The possibility the object was manufactured cannot be ruled out with this information, but only a closer investigation will reveal whether it is a geological formation or not.

Lindberg is getting ready for a third expedition, but it will not come until next summer. The recent exploration will take a break by the end of September because of unfavorable weather conditions, giving difficulties to divers to dive and see.

So, for now, the Baltic Sea anomaly can be still technically referred as a UFO. Hopefully, more information will be released after vacation time.

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  1. There has been way to many delays for government agencies to have covered this thing up a long time ago,what a big surprise.one of the most significant finds in history and no one seems to be in a rush to fund or find out what it is.if there was a chance this was a UFO.do you really think someone would have not funded this already.there would have been hundreds of dive teams willing to donate

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