VIDEO: UFO flying over Vancouver, Canada 25-Feb-2013

Vancouver UFOLatest UFO sightings – This strange unknown object was flying in the sky above Vancouver in Canada on Monday, 25th February 2013.

Witness report: This is an extraordinary night for UFO’s over Vancouver Monday February 25, 2013. I noticed this object initially naked eye just hovering then started slowly to move downtown Vancouver about 1000 feet up, Orange amber in colour and strobing own light but very dim. No noise and traveling from South West to North East unlike what I said. Its 6 minutes long as it travels very slow., not chinese lantern either ..This was an amazing sighting captured with my Yukon Night Vision monocular because I saw it with naked eye but to dim to capture with regular camcorder video. Crazy thing minutes later I captured 2 more videos of 2 more higher up traveling same direction Check next video UFOX2 Separate, I will upload. Just an amazing night, afraid I am missing more action now to upload these!! Feel free to forward to the end when it takes its last turn east..

Author (Charles Lamour @ youtube)

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  1. that's very cool and pretty legit looking for sure! what happened after you stopped filming? did it just disappear over the mountains?

  2. Agree with you! Can&#39;t be anything else but a UFO!<br />Amazing footage! Impressive and proof positive!<br /><br />

  3. First time that there was intelligent and relevant commentary during filming!! Curious about the second light moving toward or past the orb – obviously man-made airplane or helicopter. And what happened with the helicopter clearly heard and mentioned by the videographer? Too bad the film didn&#39;t go on longer. Hope this sighting will be investigated by MUFON or some other person or group who

    • what second light moving toward or past the orb? that was a star. it never moved just the object. i also noticed that when the ufo was hardly moving, and when we heard the helicopter, the ufo started to speed up just a bit! great video.

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