VIDEO: Daytime UFO over Mexico City

serpent UFO
UFO videos – Some kind of sky serpent was hovering in the daytime sky over Mexico City. This was recorded on Sunday, 3rd March 2013 at 10:30 am.

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15 Comments on VIDEO: Daytime UFO over Mexico City

  1. sky serpent HaHaHa! more like balloons from a wedding

    • Balloons don&#39;t spit out orbs that hoover in place. If you think the orb is just another balloon, then why would it sink below the &quot;bunch of balloons&quot; that are have more mass/weight? Just attending to that whole &quot;gravity&quot; concept…wouldn&#39;t you think that the lighter one might rise above the others? <br />

    • Ok, so these are alien orb balloons.

  2. janet hosier // March 6, 2013 at 4:25 pm // Reply

    alas just a big piece of pollution, which unfortunately mexico city is known for. i&#39;m sure all kinds of pollution is floating around this city. looks cool anyways!

  3. Balloons no doubt about it.

  4. as i was looking at it i seen about 2 to 3 inch down there was a silver dot look agen wen 1 moves the other 1 aswell <br />

  5. If you look just under the &quot;BALLOONS&quot;You&#39;ll see that there&#39;s a ball…..

  6. Weather balloon or parachute of some sort

  7. Weather balloon or parachute of some sort

  8. It&#39;s balloons in a long plastic bag floating along. You also see a balloon fall out and starts flying of in a diff direction. This trick has been around for years lol 😉

  9. Sky Dragon… definitely a sky Dragon…..wait maybe balloons from an Alien picnic…nope most definitely a Sky Dragon!

  10. Why is it always in Mexico that has goofy videos like this. Anytime I see &quot;MEXICO&quot; I know its some stupid balloon beforehand

  11. It is Balloons!!!

  12. I&#39;m guessing none here have seen EBANI sightings from south america before then…balloons. lol<br />i&#39;d do more research into it before you think its from a party or wedding, those &quot;balloons&quot; are each bigger than a house &amp; there have been sightings captured with thousands of these things attatched which break off &amp; then continue to fly around the main object &amp;

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