Colorful UFO Moves At Different Speeds and Altitudes Over Northern Chile

UFO over Chile

A group of young people spotted a colorful UFO and recorded its strange activity on video in La Serena City, northern Chile.

The video was recorded in a popular tourist destination at the La Serena beachfront promenade La Avenida del Mar. The recorded video was reported by a Chilean news site describing the unidentified flying object as a small yellow light travelling across the sky at different speeds and at different altitudes.

The video shows the UFO quickly changing altitude. UFO Digest further reported that the voice of one of the witnesses can be heard saying the UFO lands in a bare lot on the beach and ascends again after.

The mysterious aerial object demonstrates several color changes as it moves across the horizon. It flies directly over the witnesses’ heads.

Experts in video editing confirm that the video is real and not edited to change the depiction of the object. However, no one could confirm if the UFO is extraterrestrial or terrestrial. Some commenters believe that the area has been visited or monitored by aliens for some unknown reasons.

Meanwhile, skeptics say that the UFO has a very terrestrial identification. These people point out that the movement and colored lights of the unknown aerial object are consistent with a remote-controlled craft, like a modern quadcopter.

One of the commenters say that indeed aliens are ignoring humans and they just fly over for whatever reasons. Perhaps, they consider humans harmless in a sense these aliens are too advanced for them to care about mankind.

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  1. It pretty much looks like a quadcopter, staying within range of control. However, I wonder how bright these are since the camera seems to be picking it up from a considerable distance.

    • I don't care if you pre-apologized or not, insulting a nation's people over a silly post on a sillier site. If memory serves you live in Montreal. Never thought I'd ever hear/read a comment like that from a Canadian. It appears the content of this site bothers you, seek professional help before you do some real damage.

  2. i would say a quadcopter also, but question the fast speed of it. from one side of town to the cameras location? and the uprise speed? very questionable.

    • sure a drone, i agree, but neither a phantom as for the link somebody posted above, but yes, the one we use for productions, and there r some more around, does get easy that speed, what those drones are capable of doing nowadays might astonish u, i do believe much of the latest sightings r just drones

  3. Might this be a MARKING? Do we not recall the Chilean secret police being taken away for their crimes during the Pinochet regime? Might there be a revenge op in operation to set a nuclear bomb off in the area that is being MARKED? <br /><br />

  4. &quot;Experts in video editing confirm that the video is real and not edited to change the depiction of the object. However, no one could confirm if the UFO is extraterrestrial or terrestrial.&quot;<br /><br />Did these so called experts not realise from the first frame that was a bloody RC quadcopter? LMAO !! And as for the speed, these things have four powerfull brushless motors attached to

  5. Quad copter?Drone?Am I the only person on here that thinks this is just flat out fake?Not even quality faked,like the sound is off and the cgi is terrible.

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