The real battle of Los Angeles

battle of los angeles

The real battle of Los Angeles happened on February 25, 1942, when the 37th Infantry Brigade of the military spotted a giant UFO just hovering above their city. A directed black out at 2:25 AM darken the entire city. The UFO’s first sightings were above the skies of Culver City and Santa Monica. Search lights continually followed the object as it moved slowly above the city.

This time the military thought it is a Japanese attack similar to the December 07, 1941 attack at Pearl Harbor. And so the Air Force immediately scrambled fighter planes to intercept the Japanese raid. But what they were expecting was all wrong. It was a giant UFO just hanging in the skies of LA.

The UFO slowly moved into more lighted areas, and the object became more visible. An Air Raid Warden testified that he laid eyes on the object. The peculiar object was gigantic as it hovers just above her house she said. The object was glowing in a pale orange color which she characterized as the most beautiful thing she ever saw.

The military began firing their anti-aircraft guns at the object. The object was taking direct hits, but it seemed to be unaffected by their firepower. The UFO looked as protected by some impenetrable shield.

Eyewitnesses took a close watch as fighter planes shoot the bizarre object but the object seem to be untouchable. It was still a magnificent sight to behold.

Some reports said that the UFO got shot down and crashed not far over of Long Beach, but no wreckage got found. The only proof left of the Battle of Los Angeles was a photo taken in extremely good quality of the UFO with beams and visible gun-fire trails. The picture is one of the most undeniable pieces of evidence that we are truly not alone.

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  1. is that picture up there the “real” picture? it sure looks like a cartoon picture or even a painting! the spotlights look too sharp for such an old pic. and what are those dots near the ufo?

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