Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist By Aaron John Gulyas

Are you a fan of the UFO and ET phenomena? If your answer is yes then the Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist (Amazon Link)is one of the books that you must check out from the shelves.

Historian-writer and Professor Aaron John Gulyas published the book in the year 2013. Since then, the book has never run-out of credits from the UFO community.

A recent review from Eric Hoffman in openminds.tv pointed out the books jargon-free, scholarly research and insightful-analysis that gives every reader a well-informed and unbiased publication that is worthy of adding into a collection of personal favorites.

extraterrestrials-zeitgeistThe second recent book review came from Robert S. Ellwood of novareligio.com has mentioned how great the influence of the “space brothers” and contactee movement of the 1950’s in sculpting the present political, sociological and cultural conduct of the human race. Overall, the book had a positive response from the satisfied community.

The unbiased scholarly disposition of Gulyas’s in his first book makes the reading experience to be more sensible with a professional point of argument rather than just sighting all the crazy stuffs all at once that oftentimes bring up more questions than answers. The need for clarification of the truth that is sometimes missing in conventional UFO and ET publications was deeply satisfied.

One of the best offers of Gulyas in this book is how he caught America’s beliefs and ideas during the contactee movement which began in the early 1950’s. During these times, there was a string of people who claimed to be visited and communicated by alien beings from different planets. One of the most famous encounters is from George Adamski, who is said to have been friends with a Venusian alien named “Orthon” whose mission is to stop the Earth from destroying itself and send a message of peace, love and interstellar relationship to the Earth. Gulyas presented his facts on how the tale of Adamski became one of the most famous norms in the contactee movement. Gulyas also discussed the encounters by George Van Tassel, George King, Truman Betherum and George Hunt Williamson.

The book also explores the speculation of the “Men in Black” to be a government secret agency that has special connections to the FBI in investigating U.S. citizens and their relationship with UFOs. Later the mind-boggling story captured Hollywood’s creativity and adapted the story to create their box office hit MIB (Men in Black).

The book Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist is perhaps one of the best books that bring both the excitement of the ET phenomenon and the fact finding investigations in a professional taste, which in most cases the way that the extraterrestrial genre must be tackled.

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