Many Americans Believe That Contacting Intelligent Aliens Is Dangerous

intelligent life

At least since the 1960s, mankind has been searching for signs of extraterrestrial life. Scientists have been scanning the universe for radio signals that might be evidence of life on other planets. They even have tried to send out radio messages in an effort of reaching out to aliens. Radio messages transmissions started in 1974.

But does it make any sense for humans to try establishing contact with alien life? A new YouGov poll shows that many Americans doubt it.

Though half of the Americans being surveyed believe on the existence of intelligent life somewhere else in the universe, only thirty-seven percent think it is a good idea to try contacting intelligent aliens. Only nineteen percent believe there’s no other intelligent life aside from humans and thirty-one percent say they’re not certain. Forty-six percent believe it would be possible for mankind to contact intelligent extraterrestrials.

Meanwhile, twenty-seven percent think it is not a good idea and thirty-six percent are not sure whether it is bad or good idea to contact intelligent aliens.

Among the Americans who believe that attempting to contact intelligent alien life is a bad idea, eight percent said it would be a waste of time to search for intelligent alien life because it does not exist at all. Another eight percent said that it might be dangerous because unfriendly aliens might be alerted to human presence.

Five percent said that the effort is only a waste of money even if it will succeed, and two percent said that it would be very difficult because mankind doesn’t have the necessary technology. Another two percent said it would be not a good idea for some other reasons.

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  1. That’s because we remember how well it turned out for Native Americans and Africans when confronted by a superior technology (in this case, Europe)…the Indians had their land stolen and were nearly exterminated, Africans were sent into slavery.

  2. Dangerous is a run in with some a them big gals at the laundro mat o’l fred got to walk side ways just to squeeze past em, kinda like set up for them broncin bull riders in the corral, if they gets to bouncin you is in reeel trouble.

  3. First if contact is made, which is not exactly the easiest to verify it is usually the being’s choice.
    The only time it can be iniated by a human is if the human has caught the attention of the being.
    In the beginning it is beautiful and energerizing but as time goes on it can be exhausting and even devastating.
    The only way to relate an experience with a higher being is to first understand it.
    Second contact with a higher being is not going to be easy to understand.
    A human being may forget some of the experience so the recollection would be incomplete and any conclusion would therefore be inaccurate.
    Contact is made through a human being’s subconscious so you can imagine the problems wrought with that.
    Beings make this contact when a human is sleeping.
    Some human beings are highly evolved in relation to their own soul as it pertains to spirituality.
    These human beings can actually leave their physical body when they go to sleep.
    When this happens the human is entering the astral plane.
    Third humans need to realize there is more to this world than meets the eye.
    Perhaps it is too much to ask but as you read this just take a moment to close your close eyes and dream of the world as you wish it was.
    You have the power to manifest the world that you want, with only one caveat, that you do not violate the free will or harm another human being.
    Right now the human race is at a crossroad and most humans are not even aware of it.
    The hope is that if enough humans awake from the dream they have been programed with from birth that we together in our collective conscious could hold more of thoughts which would speed up our spirit evolution.
    Lets face it we have all been lied to about our origins and destines on this planet.
    As time goes on you will see that the systems of this planet will become less relevant and effective due to the simple fact that they serve the few at the expense of the many!

    • Who are you man? U speak from the heart and my soul tells me u are someone who knows truth i recently have awoken i would like to know more, all these evil world ruler’s are power hungry and darkdark souls who wwant nothing but evil. . I need to hear from you

    • I just read your post an it blew me away. I tried asking who u were on the page, then realised i could reply directly to you your name is down as A dam, everything you said just went straight to my soul just the things you said were REAL and u make so much sense. About it happens when we sleep and some may leave their body’s when sleeping where they enter or cross to the astral plane, there is much i wish to speak to you about if you’ll only reply to me! I’ve been awake for a short time now and im slowly learning about all these things Mainly the Government and and what there doing its Terrerfying i know who they are i know who they follow and the Doorways they are opening letting who knows what through. You said we’ve been lied to about our Origins i want to know more from you if you will tell me, Who are you? You speak from the Heart and everything you said i got like 100% please contact me, i want to do something but don’t know what or how to fight back, u said we have the power to change the world by thought closing your eye’s and picturing the world u want to see when i read that i did it i also know that were being tied down most under a spell these famous people who are no longer there i think you know what i mean, .i await your reply i want to know more of ur wisdom an knowledge goodnight and godbless i am Rowan

  4. How can we say,others are dangerous(aliens)knowig human history,we are “ourselves” very dangerous…the history of wars,shows that very clearly….bombing unarmed civilians now in gaza..!!…if I was a peaceful alien,I would stay away..!!…and any that could get here would be far “advanced” to us

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