UFO fleet filmed over Covington, Tennessee – August 2014

ufo fleet

I just received this interesting UFO video of a strange black objects hovering in the sky above Covington, TN. This was recorded earlier in August 2014.

Witness report: Watch video in full screen. UFO’s, In our airspace in Covington ‘Tn. around noon I video and snap pictures of many UFO’s and a big one formatting clouds and camouflaging themselves in the clouds as they travel going south. Each dark metallic dot on this video are UFO’s. On my video they moved side to side up and down as I played video in slow motion. UFO’s are at the very top of video, so download video and watch them yourself in slow motion.

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    • The objects that are zipping by the camera are either flies or some other insects, but the ones up in the clouds are interesting, I would say they appear to be either objects or holes in the clouds that hold their position due to “hot spots” in the atmosphere.

  1. Those can’t be flies. They’re not even moving and they’re clearly not on the camera, cause the camera is moving at the beginning.
    Check the facts

  2. It’s a little suspicious, if you look at the 00:19 mark they seem to “bounce” a little in unison, as if the camera shook a little bit and they stayed with the camera movement instead of holding their position in the clouds. Possible photo shop.

  3. There ARE some bugs and birds that enter the field of view….but there are also some objects that move, stop, hover a while, move again. One of these objects moves against the wind direction, going left to right. (Clouds are moving right to left)

  4. What model camera was used and what were its settings? These are legitimate questions.

    When you shoot video with a high speed shutter (above 1/30th of a second), flies and insects flying by look like this.

  5. Nice Clouds, shame about the fly crap or barf on the glass that it was filmed through…clean your windows mate !.
    Good thing you were not watching a porno movie..!
    Chuckle ..

  6. i never seen any ufo fleet ? what is your definition of a ufo fleet is a fleet not 10 or more ? unimpressed confused actually 3 small dots doesnt constitute a fleet ?

  7. LOL your lens needs a good clean! The only thing moving there are the clouds while your dirty spots stay put.
    As for the quick movement that’s insects.
    Wow what some people try to pull off as UFO’s :/

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