Silent UFO Shot On Video While Slowly Moving Above Ohio Town

Ohio UFO

A noiseless and slow moving unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted and recorded by an Ohio witness at Lakewood on 20th of August 2014, according to Case 59118 from the witness reporting database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

When the witness spotted the slow moving object in the sky, he grabbed out his camera to take a video. He noticed that the object was silently moving without light or exhaust.

The witness uploaded part of the video to YouTube along with the MUFON report.

Lakewood City is part of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, which has 52,131 population. Ohio MUFON still investigating the report. The Midwestern state has current rating of 3 in UFO Alert with 35 UFO reports in July 2014. It is the 4th highest reporting state when it comes to the number of UFO sighting reports. California is on the top spot.

California recorded 104 reports in July 2014. UFO Alert Rating System has 5 levels in which 1 is the highest number of reports and 5 is the lowest. Alert 5 are those states with less than 13 reports for the month, Alert 4 are states with 13 or more reports, Alert 3 are those with 25 reports or more for the month, Alert 2 are states with 100 or more reports, Alert 1 are those with 150 or more reports for the month.

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  1. This video, if it is really a MUFON member, is the lamest excuse to post for a UFO sighting. I would be ashamed to post this to any website stating it is a UFO.

  2. That could well be a drone, especially since it seems to be just gliding along. Had it stopped or changed direction or flashed a light or something, I might have a different opinion.

  3. Very good video !!!!!, for me that thing isn´t a UFO, for me is a man walking in te air, ¿ do you remember THE MOTHMAN ? Well, maybe is a mothman watching something. The MOTHMAN appeared in Pleasent Point in 1967 and there is a film about this being.

    • the Mothman is a terrifying being, who is seen mostly at night, and is a forbearer of tragic news. but he isn’t tame like this and happily floating along in the sky.

  4. There are no lights or exhaust because it’s a balloon. How could these people possibly think that it is anything else?

  5. Could be a balloon. Though when moving at that speed, balloons usually are ascending rather than traveling laterally over such a long distance. In such a straight line. This almost looked like a being of some kind, encased in a protective bubble. Weird. And yeah, next time please use landscape format! Nice zoom, though.

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