Two UFOs spotted over England

Scary UFO Spotted Over Welwyn Garden City

Different people have different reactions when encountering UFO sighting. Some say that they feel excited seeing unusual or alien-like activity in the sky. Some reported to feel nothing as if they only wondered and tried to figure out the identity of the strange aerial object, light or activity. Few also reported feeling being scared, perhaps because of the uncertainty of what would be the ending of such sighting, especially alien abductions have been reported from different people across the globe.

A recent UFO sighting that brought fear to a witness took place in the skies over Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. One witness went to a Facebook page to report a mystery object seen over the Panshanger on Sunday.

The online message asks if anyone else just witnessed the bright object over the sky near Panshager area. The poster said that it was scary.

Clearly a skeptic, Adam Howell replied that he saw the Chinese lantern. Others also suggested that the activity just shared on Facebook page could have been explained even by ruling out paranormal explanation. However, another poster Phil Newman doesn’t rule out the possibility of alien activity.

To this date, the supposed UFO sighting report has not been examined or explained comprehensively. The object has been identified tentatively as a Chinese lantern, but no one could give a solid explanation.

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Green Beam Sighting Takes Place Over Hinckley

The massive sightings of UFO was reported to have taken place above Hinckley,  Leicestershire. Two residents of the borough came forward to share the strange aerial activity separately.

The two reporting witnesses said that they had spotted a very bright beam of light coming down on July 27, Sunday evening.

The 61-year-old Rugby Road, Burbage resident claimed to have spotted a mysterious light at around 11 in the evening. He recalled that he had just done watching a movie and decided to go to his room for some sky watching. The night was clear expected for just one white cloud, he said.

He said that it was somewhat dark, but the sky and stars were visually clear. Few minutes later, the witness saw a bright green beam from the cloud to the ground for around 3 seconds before vanishing. He added that it was a continuous beam down.

The witness initially thought of a comet, but he has not heard anyone talking about a comet.

The second reported sighting happened a little earlier that night. A male witness from Hollycroft estate, near Mill Hill Road entrance, said that he noticed a very bright stationary white/blue light from his window at approximately 9:40 in the evening that seemed to be floating at first, but then seemed to descend slowly out of the sky, turning an amazing green/blue colour.

The second reporting witness tried to listen for the sound when he opened his window, but he heard nothing as the object was moving quietly.

The witness said in detail that the light was descending very slowly and turning into more emerald green until it disappeared behind a clump of trees. He tried to look for the object afterwards for around 30 minutes but failed to see the object again.

Graham Hill of Leicestershire UFO Investigation Network (LUFON) said that they have investigated if there were helicopter movements in the area for the time and date in question, but found out that no craft was in operation that time.

Hill said that they considered the sightings as strange, but clarified that they need further information from anyone else who may also saw similar object or activity on the date in question.

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  1. Although the 1977 alien broadcast live on bbc tv is ALMOST CERTAINLY A hoax as virtually everyone on this planet would RIGHTLY NATURALLY AGREE WITH,Why has there been so many filmed sighting’s of so many of these objects(FLYING ACROSS A HUGE SECTION OF THE SKY IN HALF A SECOND/FLYING BACKWARDS/AND UPWARDS AT THE SAME SPEED over so many years??yes photographs can CLEARLY and EASILY BE FAKED AND HOAXED But the same CANNOT BE SAID of video footage particularly when they have your own voice on them and other peoples as well as birds flying past,Scenery,and the noises of everyday life so why do i have video footage taken at 9:35pm on 22nd june 2002 of a round white,pulsating ball changing into a PURE WHITE Disc/Saucer shape,glowing orange flashing at me and changing size in a split second completely disappearing and then slowly remateralising all on film???or am I a liar like every-one else??If you have’nt seen anything like this yourself then OFF COURSE Your not going to believe in it and dismiss it all as 100 per cent rubbish/nonsense But if can happen to me then it can happen to any-one else…..I have always been firmly interested in these objects but 2002 was the year that really changed for me……………………..So is the 1977 broadcast that was inturupted by aliens on bbc tv and itn REALLY a Hoax??or not??I really wish I knew………………….

  2. About 45 years ago in England when I was a small child.A friend and I were carol singingIin a rural area. When ahuge fan like emerald green light shone down upon us. It lit up the whole area and everything was bathed in green kight, I remember we both screamed and ran crying to my house which was closest. By the time my mother responded to the banging and kicking on the door the light had gone,
    My mother looked out and saw nothing and said it was probably just a shooting star.
    I haven.t thought much about it until now whenI read of a green light beam.very odd.

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