Arizona Witness: Two Military Jets Escorting A UFO

Military Jets Escorting A UFO (Symbolic pictures)

A boomerang-shaped UFO was escorted by two military jets on 9 September 2014 at approximately 9:08 P.M., claimed by an Arizona witness at McNeal. The witness testimony is in Case 59707 of the reporting database of Mutual UFO Network.

The reporting witness along with his mother were feeding horses in their barn when they heard a rumbling sound from the sky.

The reporting witness said that he heard the sound a hundred times. He described that it was a very clear evening as a full moon was rising in the east. He looked up to the west to where the sound originated and he saw red lights moving southeast.

He then saw two jet fighters trailing the red lights. The reporting witness was very sure that the tailing lights were from two separate aircraft as he observed two independent movements from white and yellow group of blinking lights.

The witness saw the lights disappeared by the glare of the moon to the southeast. He then moved back to the barn and shared what he just saw to his mother. Moments later, at approximately 9:20 P.M., the reporting witness saw again the two jet fighters returning from the same flying path towards northwest direction. This time, the two jets no longer escorted anything and flying much faster than the witness first saw them escorting a red-lighted UFO.

McNeal is a community in Cochise County, Arizona with 238 residents on record. Arizona is rank 19th among U.S. states when it comes on the number of reported UFO sightings in August 2014 with 10 UFO reports. California is on top with 99 reports. Arizona MUFON is currently investigating the UFO sighting report.

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  1. I think a lot of people are labeling this as fake due to the photo—the witness didn’t take a photo of the event. The photo included in the story is a ‘sample’ photo—or as the site owner calls it, “symbolic photo”.

  2. The photo states on the bottom it is a “Symbolic Picture” it was to give readers an idea of what the witness saw. It was in moonlight so a photo would have been out of the question. I’m sure he saw it and so far it’s a UFO. Mufon may find out just what it was or is…

  3. It is not good how your governments our treating us! No offense to the pilots they have just been given an order too do this and that one was not shot down anyway but it upsets me that they treat us in this way when we just want to help you inhabitants of Gaia/Sophia. Please stop your governments doing this! Peace be with you!

  4. I actually do believe that this Video and the UFO sighting did indeed happen, UFO’s are real. I do think however they might be part of a “TOP SECRET” Program that our Government May be implementing to make more future flights. perhaps this is why the two jet fighters were seen along with this UFO? As for the more Unexplained NASA Space footage that I have seen on YouTube, that itself remains a mystery. 🙂

  5. I had a similar experience here in Maine. I was visiting my sister on her farm and I stayed for a few days, one night I heard a loud roar coming from the northwest, it got very loud as it passed my position but all I saw were two blinking red lights, nothing else, these lights were too far apart to be from one craft, but they were blinking in perfect sync as if they were from one single craft. All I saw were the lights, no craft and no exhaust flames. I remember thinking how strange it was, it definitely sounded like military jets, and I’ve been up to her farm over the years and have never seen aircraft in that part of the sky or flying that low and loud. As I watched whatever it was fly off into the southeast, I noticed the two red blinking lights still in perfect sync all the way until I couldn’t see them anymore.

  6. I saw something very similar in NW Calif in sept 2011.First a military jet soon gone but a large red light in sky. After a min or so it began to move very slowly north til out of sight. about 15 min later, another jet flew over and soon was gone but this time there were 4 red lights. after a minute or two, they just went out . this was about 8pm in the northeast part of calif close to oregon.

  7. Ya I believe others are living on earth.People see things in the woods,Around there property at nite and here them on there roofs.I do not feel as there out to harm us.But seek shelter in strang places.Why because some or most people are afraid and will harm them.It takes you back to Orsen Wells radio broadcast when people came in after it started and went crazy.Lock and load.People on earth will kill them if they had the chance.Its to bad.

  8. Me and my family where camping and shooting guns and we had a fire going and I fell in my chair and looked up in the sky to see to black things going at the same pace it was scary

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