Most remarkable UFO sightings in August 2014

UFO videos august 2014
Most remarkable UFO sightings in August 2014 by

5th August 2014; flying disc – New York City

8th August 2014; bright lights – Bournemouth, UK

9th August 2014; UFO ejecting something – Melbourne, Australia

12th August 2014; multiple UFO activity – Houston, Texas

17th August 2014; mothership – Kaliningrad, Russia

17th August 2014; bright UFOs – Liverpool, UK

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  1. Location=close to the village of Chawton,Hampshire,England,Time=9:35pm
    on the night of June 22nd 2002 I observed a Moving white round flickering pulsating ball(in the sky to the side of my then home)that turned into a pure white disc/saucer shape and flashed out at me(the whole object did so and was COMPLETETLY STATIONERY)as though it knew it was being observed before returning to it’s original size the whole sighting lasted 9-10 minutes during this time the object completetly disappeared(YES ON FILM)before slowly remateralising and appearing again(YES ALSO ON FILM)it zig-zagged Moving around particularly back and forth in a very small part of the sky at a speed that would be impossible for any man-made aircraft to do(ALSO ON FILM)and whilst doing this looked see through no noise or sound came from it,saw and filmed similar looking weird object on JULY 1st in Almost same part of the sky as the first again footage is unexplainable all the footage from both sightings is on one VHS video tape some of the footage from the first sighting cannot be put into words.

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