Star Wars Ship Becomes A Reality

star wars UFO

An apparent giant ship was reportedly seen by an Illinois witness at Waltonville village. The witness reported his encounter to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and can be found in Case 59230 from the network’s reporting database.

The witness saw the large aerial object moving overhead with a slight glow on August 23, 2014 when he was fishing with friends. He said in the statement that the object was flying very high across the sky.

The witness estimated that the mysterious aerial thing had to be at least ½ mile long or maybe longer. He described the object as not lit up bright and it had a slight glow, nothing fancy.

The witness stated that he already seen a lot of things across the horizon, but nothing similar to what he had just seen. The encounter reminded him of some large ships on the Star Wars Hollywood film.

The witness submitted one illustration in his MUFON report on August 25, 2014. He said that the illustration was generic in which he made with the use of Paint just to provide a basic outline. He noted that he only illustrates the bottom of the object and he have no idea on how tall the mysterious thing was.

The witness saw the object flying in a straight path towards north from his location then it became out of the witness’ sight.

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  1. It has happened in large cities in daylight. Plus with how destructive the human race is any intelligent alien civilisation visiting would want to be somewhat incognito or at least observe silently otherwise it’s like someone visiting the lions in a zoo in a Lady Gaga meat dress!

  2. The aliens saw what a piece of sh*t PresiDEBT we have in the INCOMPETENT Pinocchiobama and his equally INCOMPETENT ad-menstruation and decided to turn around and fly back to their own planet…

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