7 UFOs flying over Taylors Hill, Australia 24-Oct-2014


Here’s one interesting sighting of a seven unidentified flying objects flying together. This was recorded with infrared camera on 24th October 2014 over Taylors Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Witness report: On the 24th of October 2014 I witnessed 7 UFOs flying over my house in close formation, they seemed to be very close est. within 200m of my house in Taylors Hill, Australia. 4 Orb-like ufos are seen joining a group of 3 separate objects, tilting as they close proximity to one another. This sighting was filmed using an infrared camera fitted with a 950nm IR pass filter.

Author: David (submitted to Latest-UFO-Sightings.net)

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  1. It’s impossible to say what they are without knowing more details, what if they are only a few feet from the camera, possibly fire flies or similar insects

  2. So obviously fake. Funny how its done with an infrared camera, and how he’s obviously skilled with film making with all the music and opening credits. And without all that, you can tell its not ufo’s. If he didnt fake them, then the only thing It resembles to me is insects. But anyway yet again another idiot making fake videos. I don’t think im ever going to see a real ufo video. Maybe they haven’t visited us. There’s life out there but really starting to doubt that they have ever been here

  3. Fair point Alec, i am happy to answer any questions relating to this sighting on my youtube page; in the interim however you will notice many bugs flying into the cameras field of view throughout the duration of the clip, please explain clearly for me what it is about the alleged ufos that share very distinct characteristics akin to bugs and insects. are you implying that there exists in the world any bug or insect with an exoskeleton or physical structure that is round or at the most oval in shape, that is able to sustain precision flight formations without the presence of any wing structure or known mode for creating the lift required to achieve flight. i noticed you made no mention of this nor have you disputed the obvious appearance of the ufos… yet. happy to discuss anytime if you require convincing.

  4. Why use IR at this time of day ? The video has all the pro trappings except for the guy behind the obviously expensive camero who is too amateurish to follow the normal procedure of locking onto a reference frame long enough to guage speed and direction relative to anobserver
    on the ground and who can’t even obtain a tripod or a steady hand. Any credible evidence is trivialized and therefore invalidated so often by incompetence. Learn how to use your equipment and provide more relevent information such as ambient conditions and camera specs; switch to visual mode and pretend you are one of the intended audiece, who is not fooled by the promotional effects. We are continually frustrated by the loss of such rare opportunities as this examle.

  5. If you look you can see that these are not 7. Groups of 3 move together in sync in the form of a couple large triangle shaped crafts!

  6. Myron, the point of using shortwave IR during the day is to isolate one spectrum of light so that the detection of UFOs normally obscured behind a blue sky can be viewed and tracked to a greater degree. white objects are very hard to track and trace by eye against a sunny sky. By using IR, we are utilizing the invisible spectrum to bring to the forefront hidden UFOs that usually go undetected by cameras and the unaided eye for reasons highlighted in science journals. Before you categorise this sighting unfairly, may i remind you that skywatchers do not get to choose when and where and sighting will take place, maybe with CE5, but for most it is not a factor that can be controlled succificiently simply for the easy viewing of skeptical minds that lack enough of their own skywatching experience to know for themselves that skyward observations is not a perfect arrangement. we do the best with the situation at hand. I am certain i would have missed this sighting if i chose to use the tripod- a much slower method- for scanning the sky. you dont need to tell me twice- i would have loved to get this footage as perfect as possible, but the footage is clear enough as to not ruin the subject matter itself. it is easy to see what is being filmed, you make it sound as though you need to be convinced of the skywatcher’s authenticity before being able to accept the material at hand. that’s backwards thinking. you did not complain about or find any discrepency with the legitimacy of the UFOs reported. if so, and youre able to muster the appreciation this footage deserves, then i recommend chilling out and enjoying the video for what it is, surely there is no amount of theatrical overtone that could make a fake sighting seem authentic. next you’ll say, why no music? must be fake… come on, if you’re fussy, get out and accumulate your own footage and evidence, and let’s just see if you ever need to be convinced with silly excuses again. i bet you’ll even apologise! peace,

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