Couple Spots Large Bright Orbs Over Duxbury, Massachusetts


Mutual UFO Network case number 61414 features a November 15, 2014 report from an unidentified man who saw large bright orbs together with his wife as they moved across the sky in succession. The report says if a jet plane was the size of an ant; the glowing orange spheres looked like the size of a penny. Found at around 1:15 a.m. over a Duxbury, Massachusetts home on November 8, the UFO travelled from west to east across the horizon and disappeared.

The wife first noticed an unusual light in the sky while lying in bed and reading. She then alerted her husband upon thinking that she spotted a UFO. The orb seemed to move in a tremendous speed, about twice the speed of an airplane. It also maintained a consistent flight pattern while moving at lower altitude than a typical aircraft.

The couple failed to see any features of the object, and they only managed to see a dazzling orange orb. The husband claimed to be familiar with Chinese lanterns, and he is certain that the object was not a lantern. He reported that the object maintained an uniform speed and its brightness and color did not change. He further explained that the orb did not produce a trail or halo and moved silently.

As soon as the orb was out of sight or disappeared on the eastern horizon, another similar ball appeared in the western side and went the same flight path across the sky. The second orb also vanished at the eastern horizon. Four identical lights observed by the couple travelling to the opposite horizon and disappeared.

The couple admits they don’t have an idea about what the objects’ true identity, but they are confident that the strange orbs were not Chinese lanterns. They reported that the objects did not resemble any known aircraft. These objects moved too slowly to be considered as stars or comets. However, the couple did not manage to take UFO photos as they were amazed watching the mysterious sky activity to think about getting a camera and capturing the event on photos.

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  1. First of all I’m amazed how many people don’t know the difference between a comet and a meteor. He said the object moved to slow to be a comet, well comets are millions of miles out in space when they are visible, and they are visible for days, even weeks sometimes. I believe he meant a meteor. Another thing is I don’t buy the reason they didn’t get photos, I don’t care how “amazed” you are, if you own a camera, you would run to get it so you would have it on record and you have proof of what you saw. One more thing, what he described sounds like Chinese Lanterns to me, even though he said he was sure they weren’t, they came one at a time and followed the same path across the sky, well guess what, Chinese Lanterns do exactly that. Without visual proof I can’t buy this story, sorry.

  2. Ok, I just checked the weather archive for November 8th at 1:00 AM at Duxbury, MA, and the wind was blowing West to East that night. I think what you saw were Chinese Lanterns.

  3. My family and myself witnessed two orange orbs flying side by side silently over our house in Sydney, Australia on the evening of 24th of october.I’ve managed to get some video on my phone.

  4. Now this was back in the 70’s. I was down the Cape and a couple friends and I were laying on the grass about 9pm. New moon night and not one cloud, perfect for star gazing. My eyes caught this tiny blue orb stationary in the sky. About 5 minutes later it moved with lightning speed to my left, then again over to my right. It did this 4 times then shot off to my right and gone! I never saw it again. I don’t believe anything that anyone’s Govt has can move that fast. I know in my gut it was a UFO. I was so excited to see it and now every time I’m out just looking at the stars I look for that blue orb to come back! I wish it would! Anyone else ever see that?

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