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Your UFO reports: 15th November – 22th November 2014
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Tillamook Oregon (above Magnolia Dr) – November 17th 2014
On the night of November 17th @ 6:20pm my husband and I both witnessed a massive triangle shaped craft flying over head. I first noticed the tail end lights as I was driving south on Brickyard rd, toward our home. The Bright red lights immediately caught my attention, because of how far apart they were. There is a small landing strip near by, but I have never seen anything that large in the area before. When I exited the car, my husband was already outside, he had been waiting for me to return home from work. He had also seen the object, and he too was mesmerized. The object had to be about the length of a football field and about 50 yards in diameter. It made no sound as it flew by. Because of the clear evening we were able to observe it for about five minutes. It was flying very slow. It had a few smaller lights at the nose end. They did not blink like normal air craft markers. I am really hoping others got to experience this.
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L’Anse-Saint-Jean, Canada – 2014-11-17
Canada UFOThe photo has been taken by my neighbor and she didn’t notice the object
On the upper right corner, you can see this object
The sun is rising behind the photograph and we can see that the sunlight reflect on the left part …
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Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Kew beach – November 15/ 2014
Saturday November 15, a friend and I were walking along the boardwalk in the beach neighborhood of Toronto Ontario. I spotted 2 bright orange triangular lights slowly approaching from the north east. My friend, unlike myself, is a non believer. We stood and watched as the objects came closer. She became very frightened and began quickly walking away. I stayed and watched as both objects seem to stop over top of us, just slightly over lake Ontario. I asked her to watch and she came back. The objects were silent. She said she felt as if they were watched us, I felt the same. I was too awestruck to even think about pulling my phone out and recording it. All of a sudden, one of the crafts took off and it seemed to go straight up at an unreal speed. About a minute later, the second sped off in the same manner as the first. The whole time the crafts were completely silent, even when they blasted into open space.
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Caserta, Italy – on November 15th 2014
Caserta UFOUFO FLOTTILLAS PHOTOGRAPHED AT CASERTA (ITALY) Angelo Carannante, president of C.UFO.M, communicates that, on November 15th 2014 at 5.30 pm, a young man has taken a photo of a flotillas flying in formation over a shopping centre in Caserta (Italy). There were ten very bright, silent UFOs; it was almost dark and there were thirty witnesses (including some people whose mobile phones suddenly turned off) . C.UFO.M, which has received other ufo reports and has investigated them, has made analysis, which are available on the official website On youtube channel CUFOMTV, a video of this ufo-sighting is available. It’s probably one of the best ufo-sightings of the last years. The investigations go on.
The President of the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM)
Dr. Angelo Carannante
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Calgary, Canada – November 2014
This is my second UFO sighting in the past two months.
It was around 7:30pm in se Calgary ab. I looked out my sons bedroom window and a minute later saw a bright set of lights shooting very quickly across the sky.
It moved extremely fast and made no noise of any kind. After it flew by i witnessed a singular light hovering a little ways off before it completely dissppeared as if it had been turned off. We tend to get a lot of airplanes in our area and this was NOTHING like that.
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