Another Mysterious Lights Sighted and Recorded On Video Over Area 51

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A mysterious UFO video taken from Area 51 has made rounds on the internet recently despite many similar videos have been released for years. A Utah man claimed to have taken a video of bright lights hovering over the highly secured military facility. In a Metro report on December 5, the man was in the Utah desert hiking near the military facility when he noticed lights in the sky. He used the video camera of his cell phone to record these strange lights as they appeared and disappeared at the Air Force base in Nevada.

The video shows at least five glowing lights that appear and disappear above Area 51. YouTube user Jachdinc said that the lights are brighter than conventional airplane lights. The lights left Jachdinc wondered what they are and where they come from.

Many believe that the U.S. government recovered remains of aliens and their spacecraft during the Roswell crash in 1947 at Area 51. These people think that the government did alien autopsy and reverse engineering on alien technology. However, the government has been claiming that there’s no truth about alien technology and reverse engineering involving UFOs. The government has also been stressing that the Roswell crash did not involve alien spacecraft.

CNN has reported in August 2013 that the CIA has officially acknowledged Area 51, but claimed that it was not what UFO enthusiasts have been thinking. The CIA states that the government used the facility as a testing site for the aerial surveillance programs of the US, such as the OXCART and U-2. The CIA denies any alien or UFO connections to Area 51, but many don’t believe the official statement. Some even believe that time travel tests are done in Area 51. The facility is also called Groom Lake or Dreamland.

Nobody can tell convincingly whether Jachdinc recorded in video an alien craft or secret military craft. This sighting could be added to the mysterious lights or UFOs photographed or filmed near or directly over Area 51 that still not explained.


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  1. Of course the government is going to deny it – do you even need to write that? Our ‘government’ – the most corrupt and hypocritical group of traitors since those who murdered JFK overthrew our elected leaders, and put the evil cabal in place. This resulted in a group that could imagine and execute 9/11, and we all know which traitors did that ! (Cheney, Rummy, Bush – the three stooges who weren’t really stooges, but psychotics!)

  2. “Many believe that the U.S. government recovered remains of aliens and their spacecraft during the Roswell crash in 1947 at Area 51”

    Please consider that it is clearly what happenned, it’s nothing about belief. To many sources confirmed that, and if you are smart enough you can demonstrate it with the official FBI’s declassified documents on their own .gov site.

    Every person who is interested about the subject should know that because it is an important factor to understand the chronology WHICH is the most important thing about UFO knowledge.
    It’s not where it began, but 1947 is one of the most important thing to understand what happened since then.

    Project paperclip is probably the most important thing to understand what’s the USA’s UFO politics and knowledge.

  3. If it’s above Area 51 then it’s ours. Be it secret, flares , aircraft or flying frying pans.
    BTW, I didn’t think Roswell was in or near Area 51!
    Something sure happened in 1947, but in light of all the space comics at the time and the 1939 Orson Wells scare, people freaked out at what was perhaps just a weather balloon after all. (Oh dear I’ll be hammered for this statement!!!!)

  4. Another clip on activity over Area 51. With so many various species visiting this planet and area 51 because of the deals done in the forthies. Its a useful location for experimenting on Americans and keeping up to date on how those hyrids are useful to extraterrestials universal issue’s.Full credit to the American military in securing reverse engineering and various other time and space crafts which is serving them in their quest for dominance and survival for their elites.In the endeavour for global power perhaps the americans and their economy can cope with another “national snowclosure” which will demonstrate the truth of my comment.

  5. The poor quality of the video makes it hard to tell what it is. I have seen the b-52 stealth make moves somewhat like this, but flares could do the same thing. I would have to go with flares, especially if no noise was heard.

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