Photos of a UFO over Las Vegas

UFO over Las Vegas

On June 13, Mr Jaime Diaz was visiting Las Vegas in Nevada. He was infront of the Eiffel restaurant while he saw something strange. Three pictures were taken of this incident.

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  1. In the 70’s driving to Mesa on the 10 at the time. We came over a hill and saw at leas 25 cars and campers pulled to the side of the road. All looking up. I pulled over and we got out and my wife and I looked up and saw nothing. After scanning the sky we saw a cigar shaped transparent craft with little figures looking down at us. This lasted about half a hour. They were moving around in the craft. It was wild.

  2. Fascinating stuff. Almost looks like a jelly fish!.Wish I could see a video of it.
    At first I though it was a lenticular cloud but it looks too defined. Great shots!

  3. Form these pictures and the ones I have taken, I can agree 100% that they didn’t capture these crafts by sight alone. I have a few pictures that I took and each time I saw nothing but the object I was photographing (ie… storm clouds, cloud formations both in sun and overcast). I only find these crafts after I put them into my computer to save. All my photos of UFOs are on “automatic focus” and did not use “flash” as they were taken during the daylight hours.
    I have learned that the cameras now, do NOT have certain filters on them because of the cost to add them in each camera. Therefore, when taking pictures of the sky, these crafts are able to be captured because of the lack of filters in cell phone and higher priced cameras. I suppose this is a great benefit for all of us that are looking towards the sky for locating UFO.

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