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ocean directly above the south pole. between africa and ausralia. – december 19, 2014
I was just watching NASA live streaming of the ISS,, and saw a ufo in the directly down view to earth from the ISS. as soon as I saw it, it was on for a few seconds, then the camera went off. yes, I really saw an object lower the the ISS!! I never ever thought I’d see anything like this!
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Ballito, Kzn, Sout Africa – 18 December 2014
Me and my wife was sitting on the beach at around 21:00 hours. I saw a quick flash close to the constellation of Orion. I thought my eyes were playing tricks with me. Then another flash and my wife saw it too. This one was closer to the bull constellation. Then another quick flash this time close to scorpio. All quick singular flashes. As if signalling. Very weird but also very exciting. This is going to make me a regular star gazer. Sorry not to have video footage. It was too quick.
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UFO over Zarkovo – Belgrade, Serbia – 18 Dec. 2014
UFO SerbiaThis night @ 21:40. Been visible for 6-7 minutes. Changed direction upwards and left.
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23000 ft up in between Pittsburgh and Hartford, about 20 minutes into trip – 12-15-2014
Flying on route to Hartford from Pittsburg I was taking pictures and video of the trip with the clouds and all. I noticed this amber colored light some distance below it didn’t look like it could be on the ground because it was too close and too big for seeing something in the distance on the ground more like in mid air and I didn’t think other planes would be so close. It was also pulsating not blinking fast like our planes lights. The video shows it in a white color but the pictures show it orange in color weird but that’s probably my camera thing. Well I have the pictures and video on my phone but your site is not letting me up load them please contact me if interested and they are needed so I can provide them differently
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Portland tn. Byrums chapel rd 2nd time in 6 months. Seen from 9000 byrums chapel rd – 730 pm dec 8-14
Youtube UFOBasically like everyone else has seen and I see on YouTube, it was orange Orange and was off in the east direction we were heading, and the driver of the car said what is that up there? Well that is how the conversation started around June 8, 2014 when I was with my girlfriend on the same road except for it was in the west. But it was bright orange only saw one of them and when we first noticed it seem to come at us but was hard to focus on and we pulled over and I started filling it with my iPad,   The videos on YouTube, if you search Portland Tennessee you will see it. That video went straight from an iPad to the Internet between. Also I like mentioning was a helicopter searching the ground it’s later maybe a couple of nights later. I had was out in the Kellfield behind my parents house watching us and I and I saw the helicopter military, coming at me with the light shining on the ground, and I thought that it was coming to me because maybe someone thought I was doing something
bad. But they turn the light off and flew right over me. More helicopters on later that morning. Also the guy that I was with when I saw it, he actually saw what he thought was a meteor hit 50 count field pasture behind us.  He said it’s split into three pieces and he wanted to go with her because he likes meteors. Also mention that there’s a lot of caves and hollow ground there’s some calls popping up here and there
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Orange County, Colorado – 8. December 2014
I think I may have captured the very first glimpse of what the Orb UFO’s propulsion looks like up close.
The actual video of the Orb itself appears quite typical of the billions all over the internet, but the zoom in is showing some detail I have not ever seen in any photo still or video anywhere on the internet.
You might want to share these links so everyone who has seen one of these, can get a glimpse of what these might look like when zoomed up close.  A longer description is below the videos.
Link 1 short
Link 2 long
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Colorado Springs 10/25/2014
20141025171755_(8)[1]I saw an unusual contrail south of Pikes Peak. I recorded a short video of the object making the contrail. I did not think too much of it, as I could not see what was making the contrail. I had recorded 4 videos of UFOs in that same area, on 10/11, and 10/23, of 2014.
I finally looked at the video today. When I cropped and zoomed some still frames, I expected to see a jet, of some sort. What I am seeing instead, looks very unusual to me. The object looks similar to the object I recorded on 10/11.
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1322 leckford dr chesapeake va – march 3, 2013
i was working(on my cpu) when i heard a strange ringing noise. It was hurting my ears and it sort of sounded like a dog wistle. I looked at my clock and it said 11:57pm. I decided to look out my window and i saw a blinding white light an i was blasted backwards. I was out for about a minute and when i woke up, this tall grey lizard man-thing was standing over me! It was tall and it had red, glowing eyes. I was in so much shock, i couldnt even move. Then it jumped out the window and ran into what looked like a spaceship. Nobody believed me.
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Offerton Stockport Cheshire – 16/06/2010
Black Saucer morphing above trees and changing shape at one,point one,comes from below seems to morph with each other Please go to YouTube at Ufos over Offerton Stockport Cheshire UK to view this I do have other video clips,of various shapes,of Ufos in my opinion this is,proof positive that they are,real please,contact me,if you need more information or to discuss my sightings please use my email address many thanks
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Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK – 2008
My friends and I were enjoying a barbecue around 2008 when a 16 year old noticed strange lights in the sky with absolutely no alcohol in her body whatsoever. The reaction you hear is my friends and I getting excited. Hope it helps spread awareness a little.
Youtube video:
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Conwy, UK – 23/01/2005
UK UFOSunday January 23 2005, I was trying out the camera on maximum optical/digital zoom which is about 12X. It was taken on Kinmel Bay (west of Rhyl) prom quite near the car park and the Asda store not being far away. At first I noticed the white blobs on the left. Seagulls?Well I’ve always found even at a distance some sort of a birdlike shape is there and it seems a bit of a coincidence that this does not happen with any of this group. Is the object above the roof of the shelter the North Wales Police helicopter? It is loud even at a distance but we were not aware of it; but where are the blades and the ‘landing lights’ seem to dazzle? There was no noise at the time of the photo’ and I did not see the object until uploading it.
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Hudson Flordia – 1986
i was out for an early morning swim in my canal  i usually swim on my back so i can see the stars it was around 4am  i happen to notice a round shape craft with multi lights colors from the center of it  at first o thought it was a round blimp as i  got a hold of the dock at look at it it notice a storm was coming and this craft was just slowly moving into it and that when the water starting to vibrate, it was a fighter jet heading straight for the UFO and the craft shot into the clouds and it was a lighting show i never forget the fighter jet went after it into the clouds the UFO shot straight up out into space in a blink of an eye the fighter jet vanish then another fighter jet was coming very fast from the gulf and all i could see is it aborted away from those clouds. Ive seen this same UFO several time over the years.from what i seen this is nothing man made and there is no way a human can stop and take off that quick .
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6 miles south of Williams,  MN on county Rd 14 – June 1980
Around 10 p.m while driving, my father and I witnessed the entire sky light up and glow a beautiful cobalt blue for 10 to 12 seconds. No evidence of a passing meteor. The area for as far as we could see in all directions which was at least a mile was in all blue. The recent similar sighting in Plymouth, MN prompted me report this unforgettable encounter.
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