UFO traveling over the Moon

UFO over the Moon

Report from the Third Milenium about this interesting footage of a strange object flying over the Moon. This video was recorded by the amateur astronomer from San Diego, California on 5th November 2014.

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  1. People it’s time for full disclosure. Governments all over the globe have got the evidence of Extraterrestrial life, we are ready to receive all info on the subject. Were no idiots everybody with half a brain already knows that the universe is full with intelligent life. Maybe life far more advanced than us but still we have the right to know. So full disclosure Know!

  2. The trouble is, if this is real, why hasn’t this video gone global, forcing someone to take action against the obvious?
    Perhaps this could have been a meteor, somehow being ignited by speed? Hell, I don’t know, but I do see this as being potential fodder for unmasking the secrecy ideals of certain governments. Are we afraid of being laughed at yet again, or is the media being far more controlled than we like to think?

  3. I have watched many videos, but am yet to see proof with my own eyes! I pray daily to see something that’s undeniable . Yet all the videos I’ve seen lead me to believe that something is going on. I do not believe we are alone. Crop circles alone, are proof of this. We see many really good u.f.o. Videos daily, which leads me to wonder why the Governments feel they need to treat us as babies, scared to tell us the facts of life, saying , when you are old enough we will tell you!! I’m old enough now, I’m not scared of the truth, good or bad. I’ve dealt with worse. So come on those who truly know. Tell the damn truth

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