Amazing spacecraft sighting over Paris, France 6-Jun-2015

Paris UFO

New interesting footage of a huge object or orbs slowly flying across the night sky above Paris in France. This was taken on 6th June 2015 over the Mount Valerien, near Paris, France.

Witness report: Skies are getting clearer each night! Good! I was having a tea in my garden, when I noticed a little light far in the night sky. I didn’t really pay attention to it, it was probably another satellite. When it got closer, I realized it was flying right over my house.

A little later, I started to understand what it really was. Anyway, it was not a satellite for sure. The object seemed to have some kind of “bubble” around it, like a shield or an energy ball. I was totally stunned. At first I stared at it like a fool, then woke up and ran to get my camera, the Canon 6D, with a 50mm F/1.2 lens. I bought it for its outstanding low light capabilities. The object was right over me, and I could film its flight since it disappeared behind the trees.

Of course, this isn’t a Chinese lantern: the behavior of the light clearly tells us it is not a lantern. Also, that blueish color suggests this thing is from outer space, for sure. Please watch the video entirely, I compare a lantern and this object at the end of the sighting.

Author (WTFflow @ youtube)

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    • really? me too. but never ever have i seen the bubble/haze/halo around it. didn’t you also notice it changed direction?

  1. I don’t know if any of the sightings posted on here are real or not, i prefer to keep an open mind. However, having studied some of the most modern aicraft we have (except any US experimental ones), there is one fact which continues to raise a question. Imagine a plane travelling horizontally in front of you. Now think about where it’s brightest navigation lights would be most the left or to the right or not at all depending on the flight angle. So, if something is travelling parallel to your line of sight and it is glowing brilliantly, chances are, it is nothing that we have developed unless we are now having major navigation lights on the sides of aircraft. If it was a rocket powered plane, it would not be able to change course easily or sharply, if at all. OK, so what is it we are watching? Just a thought.

  2. This look like some kind of living organism, not mechanical. It could be possible that man visiting space with their experiments and who knows what else they have experimented that we are un aware. Different countries have been up there.

  3. This is not a satellite (not the ISS or any other). Satellites move either: west to east, north to south or south to north or remain stationary as the earth rotates beneath it. The object in the video changes directions two or three times. Satellites can’t do that. One of the turns it makes is too severe, too much great an angle for a known airplane. Possibly a craft that is a secret project? If it’s not been photographically faked, it’s a UFO.

  4. Looks like the ISS to me. The illusion of directional change is due to the cameraman moving around, as he says in the description.

  5. Was watchin the iss last sat fly right over our heads. The iss travels a lot faster an is a big bright white star shape the size of venus wen it crosses the sky its good to watch. This vid is an amazing capture. Thanks for the share

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