Crop circle found in Merenswegje, Netherlands 15-Jun-2015


Here’s the latest crop circle formation that was found in Merenswegje in Netherlands. This one was reported on 15th June 2015.

What is your opinion about this formation? Was it made by humans, nature or someone else?

Your opinion?
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  1. They always look like what I imagine the bottom of ufo space craft might look like. So crop circles are the landing of a ufo or alien space craft and the impression left from it setting on an always level surface that is away from trees or power lines, etc.

    • actually crop circles are cause by these whirring, spinning “metal, shiny round balls” that have been witnessed by many people. all crop circles are done from the air with a downblast. this is what i have learned in my many readings. just readings folks. i am only quoting what i’ve read. so don’t attack me. thanks.

  2. I can’t find Merenswegje on a map. Can someone please provide more information about the location of this crop circle?

  3. Wonder why nobody actually sees them being made? And what is the point if they are meant to communicate, that most of us don’t know what they mean?

    • Merenswegje is a road in a town called Zevenbergen.,+4761+Zevenbergen/@51.6387062,4.5772765,1410m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x47c4230256308fd7:0x5b29522bd28211fa?hl=nl

  4. By the way. I noticed the initials RVDB in the bottom right corner of the video. These are of Robert van den Broeke, a well known crop circle hoaxer. He makes crop circles by him self, so you can totally ignore this video. Just google his name and you’ll understand.

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