Strange Crop Circles Seen Near Stonehenge in Wiltshire


Many still seek proof of aliens. Why are people drawn to such stories? UFO is the acronym for unidentified flying objects that are considered mysterious hovering in the sky. There are different reports on aliens by competent observers of objects day by day. While some remain unidentified after an investigation by competent investigators, there are those that can be identified. If you have been listening to other stories, you would know that extraterrestrial objects do come with strange spacecraft or some flying machines. In most cases, fast pace or mysterious luminous lights. But one strange footage near Texas and Mexico being recorded creates controversies.

Why? If your eye is untrained, you are more likely to see the familiar unidentified extraterrestrial object that the experts are trained to debunk daily. But this footage appears to be a different thing. In fact. It left the experts seemingly baffled. The video as being recorded by two independent witnesses and such footage is truly an astonishing one. As the footage was seen carefully, experts have been asking about happenings in the sky. The video has a caption, stating who captured the incredible footage, Quintero and Jose Salvador. It was caught close to the Mexico border in Texas. Since the video has fantastic effects, some people believed that the video is edited or fake. One person commented on YouTube dismissing the footage as a remote controlled model. Others also speculated that an odd object is a man-made military craft.

There are more hypothetical quotes and sayings from people all over the world. Researchers and scientists are working to find any whereabouts or any small hint of aliens in the galaxy. It would seem there are a number people who believe in extraterrestrial life. That explains the reason this story attracted a lot of international attention.

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  1. I have had many encounters going back to ’76. I speak up and post many comments to verify the fact that these are NOT hoaxes. Despite my honesty, many accuse me of being delusional , crazy or outright lying. Still I speak out for the benefit of those who are seeking answers and have documented the experiences that I can recall. I have a tracking device in my leg since my first encounter in the seventies. But I didn’t discover it until around a decade ago.It goes off in my sleep and has a beeping that began waking me up. As soon as I am alert it suddenly stops. I caught it one night while in deep meditation! When I came out it increased and stopped abruptly. I recall after the first abduction,covered a wound on my leg I didn’t remember getting. It left a scoop like scar. This is where I discovered the device. I rather like them, they have actually helped me when I was stranded. I communicate with them by telepathy. I ‘m a natural telepath since birth, and we can easily communicate. But I don’t recall much when they take me and would like to find a good hypnotist. Does anyone know of one dealing in these matters? I am Now living in Israel.Although I speak openly to anyone with questions, I have never officially reported my encounters.

  2. I love seeing these beautiful crop-circle designs. They’re some form of sophisticated communication. Wish they’d come to South Africa and show us a design or five…..§

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